Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome to Saturday Knights

This is my first post on Saturday Knights. I would like to start with a mission statement: Everyone has an opinion and I want you to express yours on my blog. As I add writers to the site hopefully we will be able to get something going that will allow us all to educate, excite, expound, enjoy and express ourselves.

I was writing on another blog and was kicked off for not writing what the owner, Jack wanted. Besides the fact that I had no idea what he wanted for me to write, I don’t think that the purpose of a blog should be to write what you think someone wants you to write. The purpose hopefully is to share and communicate.

I am toying with copying the unceremonious post that the owner Black Jack the Jaded Jerk wrote to let his writers know what he was feeling when he dumped us – as much as I hate to even give him the space in my post – here it is:

Alright fuckers, you’re getting on my nerves with this shit. There isn’t a funny piece of writing on here. This is some mundane shit. The last thing I thought was funny was…well the fact that I let you flunkies write on my site at all was kinda funny. It’s embarrassing. I’m taking the site back – I WILL NOT LET THE MONKEY DIE A DEATH BY STUPIDS!! Fuck, I leave you guys alone to take care of this shit for me and I come back to a whole series of how Raspootin spends her week nights, shit about abortion, and Gerald managed to take a trip to Mexico that wasn’t funny. How the hell did you do that?? The last time I was in Mexico I passed out under a bush and got picked up by Border Patrol – ask Lazlo. Since I’m not a complete bastard, I’ll create you blogtards a sister site that you can yabber on if you want. I even have a name for ya: I’ll work on it after I Memorial Day weekend.And if there’s anyone out there who actually reads this dribble, please comment on the site so I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting $10 a year for yet another ridiculous url.Fuck, what the hell were you people thinking??

Black Jack had an opinion and he certainly expressed it!
His loss is my gain because it has given me the push to start my own blog.

Thanks Jack

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Dishin said...

gone thru your things - whats jacks site