Tuesday, December 09, 2008

of corpses and botox and such

Over the past 2 months two of my best friend’s mothers have passed away. Both were Catholic and both had open casket funerals.

When I went to Al’s mom, Mickey’s, funeral I started to cry when I saw a picture of her from oh I guess when she was in her 30’s. When I paid my respects to the casket, it really did not bother me much as well, she looked dead. (Sorry Al if you read this post) but she looked how I thought a dead person should look.

The month after Mickey died my friend Denise’s mom, Jane passed away. Al and I went to the funeral together and walked up to the casket together to pay our respects. When I looked at Jane I just about passed out. Al sort of held my arm and said: “Do you need to sit down? Don’t pass out it will be embarrassing” I agreed it would be horribly embarrassing so we walked away.

Al asked me why I was so freaked by Jane and not Mickey. He said that in his opinion he thought they” did a better job” on Jane than his mom. I responded that is the problem; she did not look dead she looked like (sorry Denise if you read this post) not dead; and it was really creepy crazy to see her lying in a casket.

I know the people running Funeral Homes must make a lot of money; if not, why would anyone do it for a living? I dunno if the Funeral Director does the actual embalming and make up or if that is out sourced to some brave schmuck making minimum wage.

I came across this video and it made me think of my conversation with Al. This company’s catch phrase of “We make you look better dead than alive” is enough to turn my stomach. There is just something that really bothers me about putting Botox in a corpse then applying make up??

Cremation is definitely my preferred choice.

Of course these folks promise to make you have the best looking ashes ever too; one has to wonder how they deliver on that promise, anyway please enjoy the video :)



Anonymous said...

The pretty dead creep you out? Raspootin I'm shocked. I would have thought you of all people would be fine with the dead lookin' alive.

Now what just creeped me out is my dog just growled at a person in a painting. They definitely look better than when they weren't alive.

Raspootin said...

There is a difference between a dead body and a spirit...