Monday, December 29, 2008

Odd numbers rule @ SW

This shows the different dates

This shows the same number

My pictures of the airline boarding passes are less than good; so I think I will avoid posting pictures, but as I alluded to them I shall say the following: ( hello who am I kidding I am going to post them so you don’t think Im loony toony)

On Southwest you do a crap shoot for seating. You get on line and the number on your boarding pass appears based on the folks who did it first or the slowness of your computer; it's a worse crap shoot than being in a bidding war of 360 people on Ebay. One just has to try and get there first.

On Southwest one must get into boarding group A. If one does not, it means torture of having no place to place carry on luggage and then the worst: OMG sitting in the middle. So when I went to Houston for Christmas I tried really hard to remember to check in on line as soon as it was 24 hours before.

I was working and forgot: 2 hours later I checked in and got 39A – not bad but not good as that is the second boarding party. So on my way back Iam like:" yeah" I am at my brother and his wife’s house and I am so going to go for 1A because I knew it was a connecting flight, meaning those bastards on the plane already had my baggage thought process screwed because theirs was where mine wanted to be, but I was focused so I had a plan to get in early.

Well, because my priorities are so great, when the 24 hour prime time:" lets get on line and be first in line" came around, I was so much more interested in watching “Dark Knight” with surround sound and 70” monitor that I forgot. My sister in law reminded me; as I don’t quite think it was her type of movie… anyway she said let’s pause you go downstairs and do it now; get that boarding pass!!!

I went down to the Haunty Kitty cat room and printed my boarding pass and low and behold: 39 A again. I think I might have mentioned that I have a thing about numbers. But I have been doing this SW on line boarding for years and I can say; with certainty that I have never, not even once in 25 years; got the same boarding number 2 xs.

This may be a bit boring. But it leads towards Kitty story tomorrow.

All is feeling grand in Raspootin land tonight! I have not slept the night for like 2 weeks and unless there is a natural disaster, tonight is all mine”


Anonymous said...

801 - three numbers that add to nine.

Just watch bus 180 pass out front.

I feel like going to Lennon's (Number #9's) biggest fan Ms.Amanda Sly (9*9-9*9-*9*9), and maybe randomly meet up with Nine Inch Nail's Mr. Reznor again on Robert Blvd in Hollywood and have a drink at our favorite watering hole 333. That's where I told A manda my IQ was ruffly 180.

Oh my, you are a loonytoon.

Raspootin said...

POT calling KETTLE black me thinks.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie. You must believe I'm stupid. How insulting. ;)

billy pilgrim said...

the dark knight would have been much better if batman wasn't in it.

alfred would have been an excellent foil for the joker.

Raspootin said...

Le: take your Midol dear

BP I liked Bruce Wayne, but the accent that batman used was rather odd...kind of put me off.

I always assumed Alfred was the brains behind the brawn.

yellowdog granny said...

what the hell is up with batman's voice..???
is he a chain smoker and whiskey drinker?...sounds like talula bankhead.
and the sound..just sucked...