Thursday, December 11, 2008

snow in the big easy

radar snow


more snow

snow on magazine street

raspootin and snow

more snow

more snow on magazine st

snow on car

raspootin in snow

raspootin's house with snow


Amanda said...

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the snow...or seeing your face on here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Like a kid in a candy store. You didn't try to sniff any of that powder did you???

Omar said...

When we lived in Connecticut in 2003 we experienced more snow and blizzardy winter weather than either of us had seen in years. But do you think we could convince the natives of that? Not a chance. See, even in New England, the locals (who really should know better) think that if they get three feet of snow, well then every inch of Canada must get at least six feet! And when you say, "um, no, as a matter of fact New England has harsher winters then many areas of Canada"..well, you get met with everything from blank-eyed, gaped-mouthed stares to being told you are lying. Seriously. We gave up trying to be North American weather educators.

Woozie said...


Raspootin said...

A - well at least 1/2 my face, it was really cold and very wet, should have worn a hat.

LE- yes I have to admit the snow was exciting and yes I am sure quite a bit when up my nose.

Omar: If I had not taken pictures I think someone would have said I was lying about snow in N.O. - it has never snowed this early in the year;appartenly in recorded history

Woozie: I almost got a brain freeze snnnnnnnnifffin all that snow.

unokhan said...

das the prettiest gingerbread evah

Raspootin said...

why thank you uno! its a bitch to paint though..

BlackenedBoy said...

Okay, somebody please tell me how this is possible.

I'm about one thousand miles north of you, and we still haven't gotten any real snowfall.

How is it that New Orleans can get snow and we can't?

Raspootin said...

something about retro global warming or something... My sister lives in VA and pondered the same question.