Monday, December 08, 2008

Cheri Cowen show

oops this is Quincy Verdun, but now I have your attention...

Robert getting ready for a trip to the South pole

Child wishing like hell her parents had left her at home : Boring

talk talk talk please stop talking and buy buy buy

uptown Al does not think he like the republican slight in the painting "WTF"

Wow it does not look like anyone came, but they did, really they did come!

Robert and Mavis sharing a secret? Ah maybe he is trying to sell his art at cheri's show?

Cheri and a friend, no sales here. No I take it back, Robert was making friends with this woman's child, so perhaps a non Cheri sale? A sale is a sale is a sale

Johnathan: whats the pelican got to do with it please?

Cheri next to her painting of the Golden Girl, think they might have something in common?

see a few more people in this pic... talk talk talk lets drink more free wine
All in all it was a good show, but I did not sell anything; don't think it's the art, so I will just blame it on GW Bush :)
GalerieRoyale website for more in depth pictures of cheri's work


Omar said...

I love how the Quincy Verdun is displayed in the fire place. Is that Robert Sutton doing the Shackleton impersonation? I hear you met someone else we both pics of tall, somewhat dark and flaming?

unokhan said...

sutton is the real deal. it's 2 bad hee'z crazee. he's utterly charming.

if u have plenty of staples set aside for the loooong haul, u should forget these dilettantes who sho up n yer gallery just long enuf to chew up the air

Woozie said...

I was almost there too. In retrospect it was probably a good idea not to do New Orleans the night before the ride would have been miserable.

Raspootin said...

Omar: I was at a photo disadvantage went I met our friend...Caught in my moo moo pj's dying my hair; definately not the time to pull out ones camera.

Uno: You find him charming? ***snort*** :)

Woozie, Driving drunk is the only thing worse than driving hung-over!

Anonymous said...

It looks like I'm rubbing one out with my non-peace hand.

Raspootin said...

lovely... see how charming uno?

Anonymous said...

It ooozzezz frum evrie poor.

Amanda said...

Rasp - something is missing in the pics...YOU!

Raspootin said...

Ha that is why I am the holder of the camera and the poster of pictures on this site!

artman said...

hey,cheri this is quincy verdun, wish I knew you had a show recently would have loved to attend,by the way your work is great,