Friday, December 05, 2008

holy moly is it a bird is it a plane or is it a________

I sound like a dork saying this, but this really is a super crazy cool video, especially if it is real.

It looks real to me, what is your opinion?


billy pilgrim said...

larry king would have interviewed the comet if it was real so i have to vote for fake.

yellowdog granny said...

nah...if it was real there would have been a hummer ...

Anonymous said...

Interesting they you posted this for I was hoping to high heaven that I would witness a "fall", a landing meteorite when I camped with the dead Indians in Nevada. I did not see one so thanks for making my wish come true.

I did get to visit the awesome Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona. There I learned one of the most important qualities a sky rock that would be capable of impacting the earth is the angle of trajectory. The other two are size and speed.

Witnessing a landing star happens but is incredible rare. To have one large enough to make a crater, like this one, and have a video running in the direction of it with wonderful theatrics is next to impossible. It would be front page news across the world. But I do know the impossible happens.

I'm no expert but I have witnessed many falling stars. The trails are light and vaporous, not gasoline fireball black. The angle is also to close to being parallel to the surface of the earth. It would have been eaten by the atmosphere before it could have made that impact.

With all of these considerations I will conclude with a novice opinion that the video is a fake. The true test is to see whether the Muslims start walking around it. The controversy continues.

unokhan said...

wtf, no zombies ?