Friday, December 19, 2008

Check my Fluids Please?

Has this ever happened to you at the oil change place?

This morning I went to get my oil changed in my car. I have been avoiding getting it changed like the plague; I don’t know why, because usually it is a painless process and does not take that long. So I got up early and decided to go to C Car Care. This was a questionable call, given the area, but on my way to work so it was convenient.

As I was on the other side of the street I made a U turn when I saw CCC was basically empty. They have a large sign that says OIL CHANGE, WAX and cleaning then in smaller print a bunch of other crap that they do. So I pull around the back and get out. The guys all take one look at my truck and say “wanta a wax?” I replied no I want an oil change. No problem, pull your truck in and don’t get your tire stuck in the hole. So after three attempts at a perfect pull in I park and once again get out.

This place is rather odd. There are like 6 black guys 6 Mexicans and 4 questionable looking white guys all wandering around, all doing absolutely nothing. The place is the size of a Speedy Oil Change so it seemed weird to have all these guys wandering around.
The inside was really small and I noted the only bathroom said “Women Only” one had to wonder where the men went. I bet you that they used the Women’s – I did not go in and check if the toilet seat was up or not.

Back to the oil change, the guy told me that it would only take 10 to 15 minutes, so I walked out to the front of the place and sat on the wall and smoked a cigarette. One of the other guys came out and said that maybe I might want to sit inside as he had turned the news on. I said I was okay and he said No I really think you should sit inside. So I put my cig out and went inside.

I was watching the news and the oil change guy comes in and says can I wait longer please? I’m like well how much longer and why. He replies that they don’t have any oil or oil filters. I am considering leaving at this point but he assures me that another guy was on his way with them and it would be just a bit longer. Around about this time 4 cars pull up in front of the place facing towards my car and the drivers get out and lift up the hoods of their cars and all 19 odd employees emerge forward and gather around them in a huddle. So given my exit is block I decided that I probably would just wait on the Oil and the Oil Filter.

So while I am waiting I am talking the Oil change guy (who has no oil or filters) and asking him about window washer fluid as mine was empty. He was like “we don’t have that here.” Okay… Then I was shooting the breeze some more trying not to look at the 4 cars and the employees as I thought, perhaps I should not see what they were actually doing, and was asking oil change guy to check my other fluids. He noted that I was completely out of Anti-freeze which is why steam was coming out of the radiator. So I asked him to fill it up, once again he replied, ”we don’t have that but you can go to the Napa Auto Place down by where the projects used to be and get the 50/50 and come back and I will put it for you.” Great, I just really wanted to leave at this point…

Finally the oil and filter arrived. I never did see him get under the truck and change the filter, but was not going to point it out to him. While he was doing his thing all 4 car owners closed their hoods and backed out of the front of the building. The 19 odd workers all dispersed, some going over to Wendy’s the others over to Popeye’s. It was really quite surreal. The oil change guy, that evidently did not stock any fluids, told me I should come back soon because they had a really good guy that could fix anything on old cars and trucks. He basically said what they lacked in fluids they made up for in parts. Yeah!!!

I went to the Napa Auto Parts store by the projects and purchased the Anti Freeze and Cleaning Solution, I might add that like the C Car Care I was somewhat out of place, but at least I had accomplished my mission.

The oil change guy gave me detailed instructions about pouring in the anti freeze and washer stuff (I think he thought that I was a bit retarded or stupid) (Gee I wonder why)
So I was able to fill my own fluids under the supervision of my boss when I got to work. I think he might, perhaps, think I am a bit stupid too…especially when I called him from CCC and explained I was going to be late because they did not have any oil or oil filters…

Moral of this story: Always Go to Speedy Oil Change and when in doubt pretend to be dumb. I can not recommend CCC for oil changes, but I am sure they are able to get any, absolutely any part that you might require.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they went to Popeye's to change the fryer grease.

unokhan said...
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yellowdog granny said...

i think i would have been outa there in a flash..sounds like a place to make a good drug deal..ha

unokhan said...

reminds me of "Fathers are nature's way of saying check your oil"

Raspootin said...

LE ha that was pretty funny
ydGrand My thoughts exactly; it was just hard to leave once i was there without looking really obvious

uno: I am not familiar with the phrase but it certainly fits.

Golden Beatle said...

This is precisely why I make my dad do this kind of stuff.