Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jesus is all around us?

MEMPHIS, TN -- Members of a church in west Tennessee believe the image of Jesus has appeared in a tree trunk.

A member of Saint Michael's church in Memphis said she noticed the image a few days ago.

The tree is in a garden located not far from the church, planted between two other trees.

The overall scene is reminiscent to Christians of the three crosses on Calvary.

And, as on Calvary, the image appears to be on the middle tree

I found another one when I was looking for the most recent: and must say I do not see it at all? Do you? or is it just moi? In fact it kinda looks like my ex-husband's knees after his motorcyle accident.

I came home from work and was not paying attention as I was planning to capture a picture of the mouse that I thought I saw and this is what I took a picture of: Jesus on my coffee table: Now mind you I was a bit freaked about the mouse at the time so it was kind of a bit blurry. Right - so it was blurry...

This is what it actually was - now to be very honest I did not bring the Jesus thing with Mary or whoever it may be, into my house, so at first it was a bit of an oddity. However, this is just an example of man made weirdness.

see how clear this one is? if i was a a bad person I might have thought there was a sexual content to this "very clear" "very definate"; "very believable" jesus sighting ... yeah whatever... nasty business this too

I am very glad that there was a rational explanation for my Jesus shot - and frankly with the above documented it is all mind over matter... especially if there is a subjective thought therein. I want to see what I want to see. Maybe as my boss said Ya could see Ozzie Osbourne instead of Jesus if that is what/who you are looking for.

I shall continue to post the Jesus sightings, and I "swear" - my Jesus only came to light when I turned said lights on. It kind of gave me a start at first. I still have no idea what it was doing on my coffee table.

But, it did give good credence to my post.

Ps I would not mind having Johnny Depp show up on my bed room ceiling - it would bother me at first, but I could definately learn to live with it. :)


the rube said...

i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

i'm off to pick up the second half of doctor who the first series (new version). the first half was great.

i'm number 3 on the list for the second series.

they rock on dvd when the sound is turned up.

Woozie said...

So every time something that looks remotely like a face shows up in a wall or tree or a grilled cheese sandwich, why is it always Jesus? Why no love for Muhammad?

Raspootin said...

Rube thanks for reminding me about Dr Who! just signed up with the blockbuster netflix thing and Dr. Who will work very well on my new 24" monitor :) yeah

Muhammad - well maybe the muslims are just more sensible than the christians?

Butchieboy said...

The first one looks like Wilford Brimley. The second, like Mr. T.

Raspootin said...

Mr T

I see it :)