Monday, June 18, 2007


I have to take these off after a bit - as they are rather over encompassing!

What happens to food from McDonalds after 10 weeks?

I am not happy with how this site takes over mine, but none the less: this is for
Woozie and his Mcydee post. It’s not about the fat, but the fact it probably does not break down in your system.

There in is my faith and god thought.

Chemicals are killing us and one can have all the faith in the world that they are not, but they are. Be aware of stupid people and fast food. Both will eventually end your life as you know it: and mr. god is not going to stop it happening.

Imagine how many French fries are sitting in the tummy of the young boy featured on your site: FRENCH FRY BOY - yuck - grease junkie parents? I am sure he does not make enough $$$ to pay for a diet of Mcydees. I am “lifting” his picture from Tome of Communism as an example of the whole thing.

Happy meals: Hamburgers are making me feel reflective and sad. Everything is good in moderation, but this is beyond moderation and after watching the experiment I still have to say: I love McDonalds french fries, but best to eat them with a coke which will act like battery acid in your stomach and disolve them immediately.

All in all I just feel sad for the young boy as he will never survive grade school unless he stops storing non - bio degradable food fed to him by his parents: not Mc Donalds - the escape goat on the obesity problem.


Woozie said...

That's, oh god....that's so gross...

Raspootin said...

I thought so too and immediately thought of your post.

the rube said...

i'm glad my kids have outgrown happy meals. macdonald's really tastes like shit when you're a casual customer.

i think hard core grease heads develop a tolerance for frankenfood.

Butchieboy said...

I puked in the Krystal in the quarter, once. I'm probably not the first person to do that, though.