Monday, June 04, 2007

Conspiracy theory: Jefferson, Bill

So as they call him in the press here; “bugged eyed Bill” has finally been indicted on 16 counts of bribery.

I will admit to being a constituent of his for over 15 years and voting for him, he always ran with out competition and seemed to be doing a decent job in DC for New Orleans residents.

I did not vote for him during re- election for obvious reasons…

But I now have a personal, non founded, I think; interesting conspiracy theory on this whole thing.

Nagin did not want to run again for re-election as he was burnt out by the hopelessness of the whole situation. Bill Jefferson said, “Listen man, I am going to go down on all federal counts, run for Mayor, but back me when you are Mayor and I will give all my paid for votes to you should you want to step down and be Senator”

Nagin thought about it and said: OKAY – sounds good to me!

Mitch Landrieu’s camp said well if you are going to step down half way through the whole mayor thing, we will not bring out all the shit that we can on you, Ray and will run a very clean campaign. However, when you step down to take Dirty Bill’s seat; Ray, you need to endorse me for the job.

Hands were shaken, and I bet the deal was made.

I live here and understand that, other than all candidates dropping out when they should have, which would have been honest, that there is more than meets the eye.

Nagin backed Jefferson without regard, no thought for those of us who voted for him hoping he would make a difference to our city. There were a lot of dummies that re- elected Bill Jefferson. I was very upset and confused by said backing of Nagin at the time.

Mitch Landrieu could have cruicified Nagin for all the “hindsight is 20/20“ that I am hearing.

Louisiana Politics have always been sordid, but I wonder if I am not correct with regard to this debacle.

So, Nagin, Landrieu and Jefferson all made a deal where Nagin agrees to run for Mayor, backed by Jefferson then Bill’s people pay Nagin to endorse him back to his senate seat before he gets indited.

Bill pays Landrieu with ill gotten gains to step away from the Mayor’s race at the end so Nagin will win and endorse him for the senate seat that he plans to hand back over. Bill along with Nagin will endorse Mitch with the votes that "they" have paid for Mitch in the interim mayorial race, backed by Nagin, funded by Jefferson when Nagin droppes out as mayor to run for the Senate...

All a bit confusing, I agree.

Bill ends up with more “bills” in The Caymond Islands, Nagin is Senator and Mitch is Mayor, not for 8 years, but as re-elected under this plan: 2 years then 2 terms of 4 = ten years. I know why the " horrid uptown white sliver by MY river" did not vote for Mitch, we knew he would be here forever, making his political legion what guides New Orleans with out regard for the city, but with all political thoughts based on him and his backers and the money. This is especially scary in a post Katrina environment where federal dollars can be taken advantage of; lets be honest: lost in poor paperwork.(Hey guys who called us Up Towners all names for voting for Ray VS Mitch, may you see what comes around go around to bite your sorry asses)

I voted for Nagin, not based on race- white or black, but because I have no desire to have a political legacy rule me for years, purchased by shady politicians and the votes of people who do not even live here anymore.

I have no doubt that when Mitch takes over from Ray, which is why Mitch declined to run against Bobby Jindal for Governor, that he will be here to stay for years.


When Bill gets out of prison: Mitch and Ray will back him, for his run for governor and he will win…


bwcubed said...

Readers Digest condensed version:

Raspootin said...

I could not have said it better myself :)

the rube said...

that's why i like pro rasslin. at least they tell you up front that the game is fixed.

Raspootin said...

fixed is what it is an a good comparison on your part rube - I can not wait to see how it pans out: I think I have it right.