Thursday, August 06, 2009

half worm; na this is grosser

I know that my Kentwood dispenser is very, very old. I know I should occasionally bleach it. – SEE I said I know all of these things.

Tonight I was pressing the little blue button for “clean” water and what did I notice? OMG an alien life form is growing in my water bottle. I could not get a close up because it would not let me :) or maybe because I was so startled that I had been drinking this alien life form for about two weeks without noticing its growth that my hand shook.

How disgusting is what I am showing you. Look at the bottle it is almost empty – GAG.

So I did flush the intrusion and pour bleach. If you want to know what is even more disgusting? It is looking at all the ICKY BIT horrible alien parts that were in the flushed water those would have been icky bits Raspootin has ingested… Christ All Mighty Save Raspootin from Icky Bits please! Amen

I have been drinking Crystal Light – mixed with SCHMEGE nasty bits for the past 2 weeks and I never knew -

I swear that I have never seen such a growth in my water bottle and all I can do is hope that the Kentwood Water People (home of Brit Spears) will explain to me tomorrow when I call them; for I shall call them and ask if the extreme heat could spawn an alien growth or is it because they do not clean their bottles properly? Hello Law suit :)

Needless to say Raspootin now feels ill and will have to lie down and effect same feeing tomorrow when discussing the growth with Kentwood.

Some how I do not think that justice will be served the same way as if Raspootin had found a finger in her bottle; I just hope the government is not alien chemical testing in Uptown New Orleans; ‘Cause Raspootin and you know that would be like spitting in a down wind; and the only thing worse than drinking alien schmege icky bits is getting your own spit in between the eyes.

do you see it ? kind of hard not too unless you are me...

Omg I am now just freaking

I don't even know if the picture is upside down; just that my stomach was at this point

Close as I could get without it attacking

yeah a big bowl to douche it out

yeah yeah yeah a big bottle of bleach to douche and kill everything ( ha knew that would be of use)

New bottle - ready to roll

Bring it on Obama


Anonymous said...

I knew i should have drank from the facet when i was at your house.

"Bottled water dispensers must be cleaned at least once a month by removing the empty water bottle and adding 1 tablespoon of bleach to the water reservoir. Add sufficient cold water from the tap to let the bleach fill the tubing between the reservoir and tap and let the bleach solution stand for 5-10 minutes. A small brush cloth or sponge can be used to clean the reservoir. Add several cups of fresh bottled water to flush out the bleach completely." - source

Raspootin said...

umm ok so how many times do I have to flush it with like 20-30 tbs - or what I might call a liberal dose of bleach before I am not dead of Alien Schmege but bleach poisoning?

Thank you IH - hindsight and non-solicited instruction is always welcome in Casa Rapootin. :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't suggest flushing it with Turner Broadcasting System 20 to 30 times. Once should work and then regular maintenance.

One of my pet peeves is the improper use of Tbsp and tsp... I studied icky bits in culinary school. I was trying to save you from frustration with Kentwood, because it was not their fault. I merely added the instructions from a 3rd party to give you confidence in my assessment.

Woozie said...

That's pretty vile.

How can someone misuse tbsp and tsp? The two spoons are very obviously different.


well, you did grossed me out..feck!

Raspootin said...

Thank you woozie; obviously different; a typo not a mis-use I assure. Just because some of us do not have culinary degrees does not make us unable to read measurments in a cook book...

I just poured bleach in the tank and ran it through with water 10x - something rather irking about being corrected by IH - who died and made him grammer Nazi ? Did you hand him over your crown?

Oh - and IH - please note the sarcasic tone of my piece and tell me if you actually really think that I would have the stupidity to call Kentwood ?

Feck indeed YDGRAND ! I think I could see it breathing - thats where all the bubbles came from :)

billy pilgrim said...

have faith in your gastric juices. they can process all sorts of little intrusions.

Raspootin said...

well I was drinking it down and I am still alive - guess its like eating something that you don't know what it is and liking it until you find out its something gross like cow balls...

Anonymous said...

Down with the worm, up with Lord Mazda

Raspootin said...

:) zoom zoom

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