Monday, August 17, 2009

so what is the answer ?

We already have too many Americans in this country to additionally bear the brunt of supporting illegal immigrants. I don’t think there is a quick fix for the healthcare crisis in this country; but I might suggest that there is a starting point for everything and starting with a crack down on illegal immigration is a good start point as any I can think of.

The argument that we need illegal labor to keep certain industries profitable is fine; so let the employers who are hiring illegal labor be forced to foot the healthcare bills for illegal immigrant’s medical care. I don’t care if the sick person actually works for the companies in question; the companies in question should be levied a mandated fine that in a percentage of what hospitals are paying for illegal aliens. The companies that encourage unlawful entry into the US are obviously not paying social security, Medicare or unemployment tax but benefiting bottom line from cheap labor – so they should be made to pay.

Obviously I am not advocating letting illegal immigrants die because they do not have healthcare; but I am also tired as a tax payer and employer of having the costs to keep these people; who are in the county illegally on sustained life support. Pull the Plug on illegal immigrants. We have enough people that are living in the US legally to worry about.



when i hear that orginizations cant ask if they are legal citizens i get 'the red ass'...they should be asked and if they're not they should be refused service..when a city the size of dallas has over 30 percent of the baby's being born are 2nd and 3rd children of illegal pisses me yes, i agree..

Raspootin said...

I don't know why more people are not upset...