Tuesday, August 04, 2009

night out against crime

So it was the night of crime and all were about

The cops were shining; spinning their grout

Then all of a sudden without a spark or a bing

The neighbors realized there were left with no bling.

They looked in wonder and thought of the grinch,

All they could wonder if there was not a glitch.

Tonight was the night where the bravest would fight

But left in the dark there was only good night,

Good night to the pictures

Good night to the song

Good night to the jewleary

Perv – good night to the thong

All about them were prancing and happy

All forgetting that things here are lapsing

Such is the culture that cuts off my gate

Such it the culture that I tend to hate.

Such is the thing that takes a cord

Such is the thing to make it my board

Electric is great I even love my heater

It is hot so sweat but get off my f- meter

Spend your money

Have your fun

Be weary be done

Go home and wonder what was said

And hope to god your dog is not dead.

Night against Crime is gone once again

Full Moon shinning with hopes of a sin

The sin is on they who have not been true

That is people who represent you.

Night against Crime

Does not need to Rhyme

But is the hypocrisy of

The absolute atrocity

In la Belle Nouvelle Orleans

Makes it all seem more Obscene

by raspootin ... who has thought about night out against crime a lot...

first table blocking

the wire to my outlet

Again the wire


Anonymous said...

They blocked you in and used your juice, that is fucking hillariousio.

Raspootin said...

hey and this morning they left beer boxes all over the front yard AND evidently someone decided to by pass the block and sit on my porch and leave their empty beer cans.

I stick to the sentiments in the poem - the whole night is absurd - wonder what an existentialist, such as Nietzsche would have to say?


and you didn't bip anyone?...oh man...

Raspootin said...

hehee - I suffer in silence every year