Tuesday, May 18, 2010

black and blue

From 1930… what does it say about the lack of change in a society where women still feel that their identity and how they are viewed by others is a result of their physical appearance?

In Raspootin’s opinion; the reason women feel this way is because it is true. They are judged and viewed by their physical appearance whether it may be too dark too fair too thin too fat too young too old. 80 years later and we are still hampered by the same feelings of inadequacy stemming from a society that sets an unrealistic standard; based on a media driven optimum line the one must not deviate below or above without facing discrimination


Omar said...

oh pfftt..gender is as irrelevant as race. Ask the bunny.

Raspootin said...

good thing the bunny was born with blonde hair blue eyes and good looks... just saying ;)

Imperador Hazemorder said...

I do my best to judge people by their actions and words. Ready for my judgment of the two of you? Well, you can't be ignorant because that would mean that you're lacking education. The two of you are so prejudiced, verging on bigotry, you're blind.

pootin - "good thing the bunny was born with blonde hair blue eyes and good looks


Sounds like you think that if you have blond hair and blue eyes life just treats you fine and dandy. In this racist town I've experienced prejudice many times, especially in the kitchen. And my "good looks", sure it's helped sell a painting or two because some guys think cock comes with their art purchase, but aside from that, the only thing my "good looks" have done is attract shitty women and flying fists from insecure assholes.

These are affirmations of the existence of prejudice I made in the thread you've cross pollinated from.

"the history of oppression and hate in the United States, which should include slavery, Japanese-American internment and misogyny is taught in the general social studies class"

"I did learn about the near genocide of the natives of this continent and other injustices endured by many human "sub-groups""

"History is important and it's goal should be to be (taught) balanced and unbiased."

"It's obviously unjust to require people with accents to have proof of citizenship."

"if you think that white privilege is not being prejudged by idiots you're an idiot to think those idiots won't be judging you on things other than your skin tone."

"What we can do to minimize [prejudice] is to treat each other as one human family"

Raspootin said...

Are you finished ranting?

Oh should I bother saying anything or just shut up?

Raspootin just cannot help herself…

I am sure Omar could care less what you think about me or him. Evidently you don’t care either or you would not brandish the words Prejudiced and Idiot; both very strong words that should be used with care IH.

That said;

Get off your soap box YES!!!! everyone including blonde haired blue eyed good looking people have experienced discrimination. That was my fucking point.

Get it ? We are on the same page IH

I am finished talking or blogging with you on a subject where you refuse to listen to what I am attempting to say. You have such a preconceived idea of what you think I think that you put words in my mouth that never even entered my brain.

Please continue your debate with yourself; because I assure you I was never arguing with you; you are intent on arguing with yourself.

Thanks for calling me prejudice - Ya I am prejudicial with regard to some things; and people who do not listen make the top 10 on my discrimination list.

PS – this was not a cross pollination as I wrote it before reading woozie’s blog. You are attempting to make it a cross pollination; and I in no way was discussing Arizona, but how after 80 years society has not evolved to a level where women feel that they are not judged on their looks. I also thought the song was a good example of how somethings have changed - the lyrics are a lot more rough than we might find in songs written today; meaning our Politcal Correctness - has taken hold; but the acutal situation has not changed. Did you even read the post or listen to the song ?

Imperador Hazemorder said...

Wow... just... Wow...

"everyone including blonde haired blue eyed good looking people have experienced discrimination. That was my fucking point."

"based on a media driven optimum line the one must not deviate below or above without facing discrimination"

"you are intent on arguing with yourself."

PS - 1. cross pollination was not an insult and i did not brand you or Omar as idiots.

Raspootin said...

forget it I am done. not jumping to eat your bait

Wow... just... Wow...

could not have summed it up better myself

bwcubed said...

blah blah blah, just gimmee the blond with the big tits.

Raspootin said...

lol - someone who gets the point and adds sarcasim too boot - at least I think you are being sarcastic

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