Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HOW does this happen???

This is just sick.


The police department in Shreveport, LA must not have checked this officer’s psychological profile very well. In fact, this is so sick that it makes me wonder if there is ever any follow up on Police Officer’s psychological processes. I think you might have to be a bit off to want to be a cop in the first place, so if you are not off when you start there is definitely a case that you will go bonkers after you are on the force for a couple of years.

Surely someone must have seen that this policeman was a danger to people? It is not like the woman attacked him, all she did was ask to make a phone call which I thought was a right when arrested. It is not like she killed his partner; she was pulled over for a first time DUI.

Don’t drink and Drive in Shreveport is all I can say.


Carlos said...

And don't forget - she got all those contusions by falling down on the floor. Riigghht.

Someone needs to beat that cop's ass - like someone in that woman's family.

Raspootin said...

believe it or not the charges against the cop were dismissed and he is now applying for reinstatement to the force.

I hope that some high power lawyer takes this case probono and files criminal and civil charges. Sherevport is a den of coruption. the Feds should go in and take over the nazi police department.

I agree someone should take that cop put and pound him to a plup. Better yet - he deserves to go to prison for what he did, let the inmates have a go at him.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

Wow...two black eyes and that amount of blood from falling on the floor.

Apparently, they hired that retard off the short bus. Anybody smarter than that could come up with a better cover story. Hell, I'd buy hemmorhaging hemmorhoids before I fell for the ol' "Oops, she fell" lingo.