Thursday, February 14, 2008

right or wrong?

I am sure that for the most part police officers are really professional. However, when I see stories like this, the certain hesitant distrust of people that have absolute power over me comes in play.

Perhaps I am missing something with the story about this woman, but if what happened to her happened to me I would rather have the bad guy get me than ever call the police again.

This is the Story


Hasemörder Kønig said...

Dumping the guy in the wheelchair was clearly reprehensible. But with the stripe search we don't have enough info to determine if it was called for. In my recent incident with the police, that I call in myself, I think a strip search would have been justified, even if they were all female officers. After all, I made it all the way to the hospital with a bullet in my pocket!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Give a cop a badge & a gun & most get drunk with power. Good cops are the exception; not the rule!


Raspootin said...

I do not think that strip searching a person and leaving them naked in a cell for 6 hours is ever justifiable.

I do not think that Male cops should have strip searched a female - not ever.

At the very least after they found the woman did not have any weapons of mass destruction they should have given her something to wear, not just leave her naked.

I would sue the shit out of the department.

Hasemörder Kønig said...

How can you make any conclusions without further information? Strip searching without cause is a crime. Perhaps the officers are in the wrong but it's impossible to conclude from the video.

Only female-female / male-male strip searching is childish. I'm probably outside of the Liberal and Conservative set on that one. The "journalist" pandered to viewers emotions because of her screaming. I couldn't believe "almost gang sexual assault" was said. I also doubt she was left naked for 6 hours. Sounds like bullshit because that's clearly unacceptable.

Raspootin said...

In the video it clearly stated that she was left in a cell naked for 6 hours. That is a human rights violation if I have ever heard of one.

Apparently when they asked her before the search and seek if she had any weapons? She answered " Now or before"

Remember this is a woman that called in a 911 for an assault on her, not a suicide, as an assault on her??? Hello do you think the treatment was correct? Not me. If I was distraught, out of my mind because someone assaulted me at the gallery, and the police thought I was just crazed and did that to me I would chop heads in every direction, do not doubt my word.

Now we really do not know what led up to this woman's 911, but none the less why it is on the news is because she was striped by men and left naked in a cell for 6 hours. I like to think we as a country with professionals at the realm are better than that of nations who tolerate such behavior

billy pilgrim said...

never piss off a cop. if in doubt kiss his ass.

these words have served me well.

Hasemörder Kønig said...

I just find it hard to believe that they left her naked for 6 hours. From what I saw in the video it just looked like they were doing their job and not into torture.

I kiss cop ass also. They usually respond nicely to that.

Raspootin said...

kissin a cop's ass sounds kinda stinky to me.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

I'm generally in the middle on most of these things due to the job I'm in. About 80% of the "shocking" stuff that news channels report (ie taser incidents) never get the other side of the story, where the suspect refuses to cooperate, threatens the officer and so forth.

That being said, and coming from someone who is a third-generation worker in law enforcement, there are a lot of dickheads in the profession. There are quite a few actually that have more or less ruined a lot of positive images I may have held previously.

bwcubed said...

power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Carlos said...

That defense attorney cunt was amazing. And juries buy that shit.