Tuesday, March 04, 2008

sexless dating?

I watched this video: and it made me immediately think of

This video

I do not see the point in sexless dating. Most of the people I know who are dating without "sex" do everything but "IT". So why not just get down and do "IT" ? Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" says IT all and in a very provacative manner; whoo hoo :)


Woozie said...

Wow, that Star Trek video...wow.

Raspootin said...

I know WHO would have ever thought?

I did always have a sneaking suspicion.

Sexless dating at its best!

billy pilgrim said...

sexless dating.

women just come up with the greatest ideas when they get together.

Raspootin said...

Ha that made me laugh - pretty good for before my first cup of coffee.

I know several woman after years of sexually based relationships that all of a sudden decide they are born again virgins. How silly is that? Anyway they typically decide this when they are trying to seal the marriage deal with some guy.

Quite odd if you ask me.

R2K said...

What about dateless sexing?

Raspootin said...

dateless sexing is good :)

less complicated all around

Imperadør Hasemörder said...

Dawn Eden, "I lived the sex in the city life style as a rock journalist" = I was a slut with a star cock fetish.