Friday, April 11, 2008

a question of proceedure?

I found an unidentified object (UO) in my salad on Monday night. After recovering from my initial disgust I put the object which kind of looked like 25 fossilized condoms in a plastic baggy.

I showed the object to a couple of friends at The Mayfair to see what they thought it was. The consensus was that at the very best definitely not fossilized condoms which made me feel better.

One of the bartenders said that I should bring the UO over to the restaurant that I got the salad from and let them know that they needed to be more careful. We all eat at this place a lot and the serving staff comes into the Mayfair daily.

I could not really be bothered to go over, thinking that it would definitely gross out the restaurant patrons if I all of a sudden pulled out the baggy with the UO still covered in salad dressing and complained.

Another Bartender who has been my friend for 20 years said: “Give me the UO and I will show it to the manager of the restaurant as he typically comes in for a cocktail when his shift is over.”

So I give her the UO in the baggy and don’t really think anything more about it. Well, I walked into the Mayfair last night, after what I must say was a very bad hair day, and my friend is sitting at the Video Poker machine. She calls me over and says that she talked to the manager and get this: The manager was mad at MOI because I showed the UO to my friends. My friend told me that he said the appropriate thing would have been to take it over in a brown paper bag and discreetly ask for him and he would have noted the complaint. He then told her he was very disappointed in my behavior.

I told my friend that’s BS I did not do anything wrong, the restaurant did something wrong. There should not have been a UO in my salad and further more I could have choked to death on it.

My friend looked at me and said: “Well I think the manager is correct. You did show it to me and a couple of other people.” Well that response really pissed me off. In fact it pissed me off so bad that I had to immediately walk away before I said something that I would not regret at the time, but probably would later. Not really worth losing a friend over an UO in your salad. Then I got to thinking, would a true friend take up for the manager at the Restaurant, or would they side with me?

Well the issue was resolved when my friend eventually apologized to me. I accepted the apology, but noted that she never said she was wrong with her take on the situation, but simply said she was sorry to have been nasty – she was having a bad hair day too.

I do not think I did anything wrong. Please someone tell me what your take on it is. I think I am still irritated.


Kalibitch said...

Hello! Who got the shit in their salad?!? Suddenly you're at fault on how YOU handled it?

Smooth play on the manager's part of deflecting and turning the blame around. They're lucky you didn't storm in and slam it down and yell that you were sueing their asses for polluting your food AND calling the health inspector.

Ohhh - that kind of turnabout burns my ass. ~grumbling to myself now~

billy pilgrim said...

the manager is a total prick and anyone who says you were in the wrong has their head up their ass.

the customer is always right. i would have taken the offensive if the manager tried to put the monkey on my back.

Raspootin said...

Kali and BP

Thank you I now feel vindicated, though I am still irritated with my
friend who is still siding with the manager.

Woozie said...

How does something the size of twenty five condoms get in a salad and no one notices? How big was this salad?

Raspootin said...

It was like 25 condoms that had all been melted down then fossilized into something that was around the exact size of a condom but around 1inch thick.

The salad was enormous! and I was scooping it into tortillas or I would have noticed it before it got into my mouth. Also I was watching TV in the dark not paying attention.

GRoss - but they really do have wonderful salads. I am now mad at the manager so I guess I will give up on the salads for a while.

Kalibitch said...

oh no! that image! Don't put me off my salads! I love salads but my stomach just did this twisty thing... gark.

Anonymous said...

I think your terminology is wrong. That was a USO.

Unidentified stationary object.

Anonymous said...


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