Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And she saw the light!

I know; no posts for 10 days and this is all I can come up with? Well for the first time ever in my search for Jesus or Mary in: The Wall, In The Cheese Sandwich, In The Lungs, In The Water, In The Corn Flake, In The Poop (that was kinda gross); I can actually see what the woman is talking about.

It looks like Jesus being crucified. Why the woman thinks this is a good thing to have in her womb is (kinda weird) but to each his or her own.

Jesus In The Womb


Kalibitch said...

i'z looking and looking and I'z just can't see it. I do see a terrific likeness in there to one of those freaky pokemon critters.

billy pilgrim said...

it looks like a tile coming off the top of a turtle's shell to me. turtles are gods in my book so maybe jesus was immaculately conceived from the loins of turtle.

Raspootin said...

Kali & BP

All I can say is that it sure does not look like a baby... ewewee

wishin said...

you have an issues w/ seeing religious things in other objects. nope, i don't see the baby either but that's bc jesus is in the way.