Thursday, May 01, 2008

amazing Grace?

I have never watched this show as I think it would be rather boring as a whole. HOWEVER, condensed within these 5 videos it really is quite amazing what this guy can do. My singing voice sucks even when my mouth is open, how he does it with him mouth closed AND impersonates...well watch for yourself; very entertaining.

Semi Finals if you are so inclined to watch

Finals to see who won .


Kalibitch said...

that is hands down the most incredible ventriloquist I have ever seen! WoW!
I hate these type shows (okay, i hate tv) so i would never have seen that without your post. Thanks Raspy!

wishin said...

that's pretty cool although i couldn't watch that show if you paid me.

Raspootin said...

well that is why I said it was good in a condensed version. I keep waiting for David Hasslehoff to be drunk and fall out of his chair