Saturday, May 31, 2008

Raspootin and the Beast

I have to defrost my refrigerator. I hate defrosting it, but no big deal I'll leave the door open over night and it will be ready to go in the morning.

OMG there is something in there besides my V8.
Gross it's still alive.
Well I'm not dealing with this NOW. It will be dead by the time I get home from work.

Eweweee It's still wiggling around! What should I do now? Call my dad he knows best.

Dad there is a roach in my refrigerator what should I do?
Step on it
I can't step on it in my refrigerator
Well Squish it and flush it
I can't Squish it, it's still alive
It's a damn Roach
I know but It's HUMONGOUS and its alive. Its the biggest roach I ever saw
Spray raid on it
I can't spray poison in my refrigerator
***deep Breath*** You are not my daughter if you can't kill that thing, stop being a baby
Ok dad thanks for the good advise I'll take care of it.
**** Deeper sigh**** on my end.



More courage

one more procrastination and I'll do it

okay maybe a little bit more courage...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh run outside to dispose of it. Everyone knows if you flush them in the toilet they come back to life, swim up the drain and bite you on the butt so it must definitely go outside in my neighbor's garbage can.

What a wonderful way to spend Friday evening.


Kalibitch said...

ACK on the bug!!!!!!
nice and shiny at the end of your cleaning of the Augean fridge.

Raspootin said...

Hey Kali!

I enjoy reading your blog can you invite me to read?

Lakota said...

heyya Raspy,
still making the rounds to everyone - i closed that blog (making it private meant i didn't lose all the posts) and am pointing everyone over to my other blog. 2 blogs was just too much to juggle on top of finishing up a book and painting. It's waaaayyy naughtier and I know it won't be to some people's taste but i'll be posting more short stories there and talking about controversial topics. Several exceptionally talented poets/writers hang out there that you might enjoy.
Sheesh - you didn't think i'd leave my girl behind did ya?

Raspootin said...

well it would hurt my feelings if ya did :) after all you are my first red dot and that is special!

I shall be along to visit directly.

wishin said...

That's just nasty. I would've stuck a bowl over it til it died.

Raspootin said...

Dont think I did not think about that or calling a friend to execute it...

The Rev said...

Now that was priceless. I smiled big long time.

The procastination pic is what got me. Good ol' Natural American Spirit; I wish more places here sold them. Hard to come by at nighttime when I'm up as they're usually only sold at those mom and pop smoke shops.

billy pilgrim said...

excellent idea measuring your prize.

now you have a standard by which to judge future guests.