Thursday, May 15, 2008

mouths over matter

“WTF is wrong with talking George? Perhaps if you had an iota of political polish, you would have been able to negotiate The United States out of a war based on false information. Talking, Fact and Common ground Finding are Good things you stupid little man with squinty eyes”

Now ask me how I really feel about GW…

Obama, Obama, Obama: “Sweetie” is only acceptable when your Grandmother is addressing you. It is particularly offensive to women in professional situations. What were you thinking “Darlin”?

Obama apologizes for 'sweetie' remark
Obama apologizes for 'sweetie' remark


Woozie said...

I still don't think he's a misogynist.

Raspootin said...

I never said misogynist Wooz, I simply said in a professional setting it is very unprofessional to call a woman sweetie. I also think that the fact he did call her sweetie means that he has a certain disregard for the intellignece of woman in general.

wishin said...

I agree, we don't like to be called sweetie, hunny, baby, ... The only way that is acceptable is if it's your bf or significant other and even then you just want to smack them sometimes.

Ming the merciless said...

For an incisive insight into the current mess our elected politicians have created - check out Gore Vidal interviewed on the south bank show
and the documentary Taking Liberties.