Thursday, May 08, 2008

afternoon numbness and nickel exploration

My Co Worker and I were experiencing that feeling of extreme lethargy that one gets around 2:00 when you know that there are still 3 hours to go and your lunch is making you sleepy.

So after discussing why water does not give you energy, contemplating drinking a Coke and opting to take vitamins instead we moved along to looking at our change. How we happened to start looking at our change is just one of the inexplicable turns in the road that life throws us on occasion. I think there must have been some sort of Freudian thing looking at change when board. Dunno:not that deep…

Yes I know, work is really demanding. Anyway I noticed 2 different nickels in my pile of change. I’m like geeze when did they change the nickels? I never noticed that before. Luckily for my intelligence esteem she had never noticed either.

This discovery led her to the following SITE , which even though it is set up for kids, is really interesting.

Check it out!


wishin said...

Well I guess everyone is working hard this afternoon. There were lots of fun facts on there. I did take my chocolate vitamin so maybe my energy level will come up and i can do some work.

Raspootin said...

hehee I forgot that you are the only 30 year old that I know who takes chocolate vitamins.

I consumed my three large pills and still feel tired.