Friday, May 16, 2008

sexy texty???

Well umm ***sort of blushing*** I can relate to this. There I said it and will say no more. Have a great weekend and be sure to text!


wishin said...

LOL.. that was just too funny. Soo.. you've been having some sexy texty going on????

Woozie said...


Kalibitch said...

LOL @ you and Woozie!
I just got texting this past week on my new phone and ironically just received my first txting flirts (funny accident story that I'm so not sharing). I never understood the psychology of txting addiction until now. So.... is that what i have to look forward to? Scribbling notes. ~grin~

Raspootin said...

wishin: Im not tellin!

Wooz - that was very amusing

Kali Yes that is what you have to look forward to; all good !