Friday, May 23, 2008

Jindal for VP?

How shallow am I?
Evidently quite shallow mixed with very fickle.

I am leaning towards voting for McCain if he gives the VP nomination to Bobby Jindal. You may ask why a staunch Democrat who did not even vote for Jindal either time he ran for Governor, would change party affiliation at this point in time.

Frankly I do not see much difference in any of the Presidential candidate’s rhetoric when it comes down to what they are going to do to pull us out of the shit hole created by the Bush administration.

Politics mandates each candidate say what he or she think the people want to hear. It does not mandate that they will ever follow through with their campaign promises. It is very easy to blow off promises and explain the lack of resolution on Congress or The Senate.

So, Why Bobby Jindal and McCain? I think this is a good combination of age and experience melded with youth and new ideas. I did not vote for Jindal as I said, but I have been very impressed with his initial performance as Governor. He has actually followed through on all of his campaign promises and immediately tackled the Political Ethics issue, something that is long over due in Louisiana.

I also think that it definitely could not hurt this State to have one of our own as Vice President. Who knows, given McCain’s age and health issues we just might have ourselves a President.

Will I vote McCain if he does not give Bobby Jindal the job, No – back to Obama. Like I said see how fickle I am?


billy pilgrim said...

he looks pretty cool to me.

a south asian might trump a black or a woman.

since they're all crooks i always vote for the crook i like the most.

Anonymous said...

I think the most important part of being the President of the invasive and cocky Super Nation State of the world, is our foreign policy. We the people get what we the people deserve, but those the people, don't deserve what they typically get from uS: manipulation /pressure /fear for our interests.

That's why I would never, ever, ever, vote for someone in hopes that they'll keel over dead and we'll get one of our(LA) own in power, so we can give the locals a Washington home team advantage.

I don't know much about Jindle except that he used the fear of god to get elected into office and there were questionable money issues in his campaign for ethics.

New Orleans is not a blank slate and it seemed to me that his "we(s)" got transposed from state to city. When the governor speaks as a we it's got to be about the whole state, lest his "we" in Washington blurrs from the Nation to a shitty District.

Out of our choices, I'm Voting for Obama. Not because of anything he's said about the domestic issues but because he's the only one who had the intelligence to vote against the war on a people who did not attack us. To me that's the experience that matters.

Raspootin said...

BP: In LA we always vote for the crook over the racist.

IH: I'm not saying I want McCain to drop dead. In fact I think that we be rather scary, at 36 I don't think Bobby would be equipped to be commander and cheif.

This said, perhaps his age is a factor against him. So maybe I'm back on the Obama band wagon - told you I am Fickle.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

If McCain gives it to Suntan Charlie Crist from Florida, I'd urge you to really not even consider it. Seriously.

Woozie said...

I kind of liked John McCain back when he didn't have a chance of winning. The Difference between that McCain and McCain the nominee I can't really explain but it's something I feel. I remember thinking I wouldn't mind having McCain the longshot as president, I liked him. This new guy, the guy who's courting that thirty percent that still likes Bush, not so much.

And if he picks Mike Huckabee or FSM forbid that fake shitface Mitt Romney for vice president, oh god.

The Reverend Jon Boles said...


Raspootin said...

^ "Thirded" :)