Friday, July 18, 2008


"This is a way to get the message into the mainstream," she said. "It’s irresponsible to let your children have unprotected sex and it’s irresponsible to not spay and neuter your animals when we’re in an animal overpopulation crisis in the United States."

Interestingly enough PETA decided to debut the ad in Kentwood, LA home of Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn – think that was part of their tongue and cheek effort to get animals fixed?

Wow I would be more than just a tad insulted if I were the Spears Sisters.

Raspootin is amused and approves of this ad :) hee hee Jamie and Britney should get fixed Ha - ookay another thought is did Mrs. Spears perhaps give her daughters this advice and they took it seriously?


yellowdog granny said...

think the parents should have been neutered before having those i always say:'just because you CAN reproduce, doesn't mean you SHOULD.'

Anonymous said...

Every cat and dog sperm is sacred.

billy pilgrim said...

poor little ruby had no choice. the shelter wouldn't let leave with her ovaries.

i'll never be a grandfather.

The Rev said...

In agreement with Leo: Tyson had already had his nards removed by the time I adopted him from the shelter.

However, judging by his recent energy level and wild teen kitty antics, they may be rematerializing.

Raspootin said...

YDGrand - Im in complete agreement.
IH :)
BP I hear that being a grandfather is not all that it is cracked up to be; actually that is not true - heard it was great but that might be with regard to human offspring.

Rev My cat Sasha was fixed at the SPCA and when she was around 2 she started to spray and then some balls dropped down. The dr judged her to be a medical interest and offered my roomate and I money for "shim". Keep an look out with Tyson.