Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dumbing it down to the basics

This is another sad commentary on our society; but I must say it made me laugh. People are so frickin clueless.

And yes the title of "Why dispatchers and Police People Drink" is appropriate.


The Rev said...

Heh, now you see why I am so tired of the job I work, and why kicking tobacco is soooooo tough.....

I seriously think that there's a small network of about twenty people that sit in a room and just pass a phone around making shit up.

No joke, a guy the other day called wanting to know if we could come to his property and help him move his tool shed.

Thanks for the positive remarks regarding enlistment on my page. I really appreciated hearing from someone that didn't think I was an idiot right off the bat. What cracks me up is most of the people who say it's stupid tend to be the gung-ho Fox News type, a rather ironic twist in my opinion.

unokhan said...

today at the berry a patron phoned in wanting to know

"how do you spell gottfide"

i thot it was vaguely german. i said "what was that word again?"

and she said "gottfide. like 'my friend gottfide from her job'".

yellowdog granny said...

still laughing at unokhan..

Raspootin said...

REV; ya I thought of you when I heard it- just after I left a comment on your site! Ultimately you are only responsibly to yourself, so as many opinions as are out there... yours when it comes down to it is the only one that matters. The only problem with the military is once you sign up you are kinda stuck if you don't like it.

UNO i knowwwww that you had to make that up hehee

ydGrand - me too

billy pilgrim said...

i like clueless people, therefore i like myself.

Raspootin said...

i think therefore i am