Friday, March 06, 2009

It a Mad World

I would not want to bring a child into this world.

When children can not trust a parent to keep them safe, sheltered and fed; it's just a sad commentary on life in general.

I do not think it is going to get better economically for years to come, so we may see more of this happening as unemployment rises and the economy crushes the last bit of humanity from what used to be the so called family base.

The next generations will curse us, and I do not blame them a bit.

A man who had recently been laid off from a local hospital opened fire at his Wilmington home today, killing his five young children as well as his wife, police said. LA 01/27/09

A 53-year-old music teacher fatally shot his wife and two daughters Wednesday before killing himself, while his 16-year-old son who survived the attack managed to call police as he escaped uninjured from the Miami home, authorities said. Miami 02/25/09

A family of four has been found dead in a suburban Columbus, Ohio, home in what's believed to be a murder-suicide, authorities said Thursday. Police In Whitehall, east of Columbus, responded to a call around 2 p.m. Wednesday and found the bodies of Mark Meeks, 51; his wife, Jennifer Dallas-Meeks, 40; and children Jimmy, 5, and Abbigail, 8. Ohio 01/29/09

CHICAGO — A man who stabbed his first wife to death more than two decades ago used a Civil War replica rifle to kill his current wife and her son before committing suicide in their upscale suburban home, police said Tuesday. Chicago 03/03/09

Police launched a "massive manhunt" Friday for a newlywed suspected of killing his wife, sister-in-law and three little children in one of Cleveland's worst shootings in recent years.
The victims were found Thursday night on the second floor of a two-family home on the city's west side, police said. Cleveland 03/06/09

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- A man distraught because he could not find work shot and killed his mother-in-law, his wife and three sons and then killed himself inside a home in an upscale San Fernando Valley neighborhood, police said. Authorities said the man had an MBA in finance but appeared to have been unemployed for several months and had worked for major accounting firms, such as Price Waterhouse Oct 2008

June 2, 2008
Calgary, Canada – Five people have been confirmed dead in a murder-suicide that occurred on Tuesday, May 27. Joshua Lall, 34, stabbed and killed his wife Alison, 35, his two daughters Kristen, 5, and Rochelle, 3, and Amber Bowerman, 30, a tenant in their home, before committing suicide. A third daughter, one-year old Anna, was not harmed.


yellowdog granny said...

judas priest...terrifying.

Raspootin said...

It is terrifying and I realize that you realize that more than anyone else who reads my blog.

Imperadør Hasemörder said...

For you Raspootin

Raspootin said...

Thank you IH evidently Jesus is does not care about all the little children, just appearing to a bunch of crazy people...

I of course take great delight in these Jesus and Mary random apperances especially in food :)