Tuesday, September 08, 2009

college best try ?

So Raspootin tried to have a creative labor day....

Raspootin's friend gave her an un-done fleur de lis ; and Rapootin wants to add that she is a bit awkward that "give" was not really the basis; she asked and then was given.

So a blank slate of fleur de lis. Raspootin likes blank slates on which to build a creative process.

lets spray it all gold and then do a saints theme ?

not so much... Raspootin's paint is all like 200 years old and was in the day approved by the Royal family of Russia... so what to do, we can not have 200 year old paint on the artifact in question...

Well maybe it will hold up better than the
Romanov family

Raspootin puts on old paint then sprays with an even older than 200 year old glaze. like from Cleopatra's time) The paint dissolves, the glaze is like a thick icky bit... Paint is just not made like it used to be.

But low and behold, the end product is questionable but not horrid.

Thank you FR or IH or whom ever you are today for letting me play.

Cleopatra & Romanov family would have had me executed for this... oh I forgot the proletariat did execute me but at least not for this.

Raspootin rests in her case of fleur de lis painting and says given another go - with better paint it could perhaps sell, but not as well as the one who gave her the blank slate.


thimscool said...

Y'all can both kiss my tourist ass.

Tell FR/IH to get his ass to ground. Does he think the rest of us are idling? Hop too, bunny killer. Time to get to work, ya slacker. Bring us endearing contradictions and pudding. Herd we are now, entertain us!

thimscool said...

And fuck college!

billy pilgrim said...

most english canadians aren't too crazy about the fleur de lis.

french canadians don't embrace the concept of canada and are always threatening to leave. (unless they get lots of federal money)

Raspootin said...

THIMS: Please tell me how you really feel about IH FR and college :)

BP I had a British couple in the gallery who asked me to explain the significance of the Fleur de Lis - when I said it was a french symbol adopted by New Orleans they did not believe me. I later asked the artist to take the fleur de lis out of the gallery because they were making me look stupid :) it is just a symbol after all and I could not come up with a better "story".