Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hair today gone tomorrow....

you could ask yourself

you could ask yourself

once in a life time...

Last night Raspootin – not me definitely Raspootin was having a dream about styling Cathy B’s hair. The only problem was that Cathy’s B hair was filled with black fungus and little bugs. The people looking at her skillful do- making kept saying that that it looked great, so Raspootin figured that she must be imagining the infestation.

Well about this time Raspootin woke feeling the call of Nature – around 4:00 am. As she tried to get out of bed she realized that her book was affixed by some mysterious subject to the side of her head. So she tried to put on her glasses to see what the deal was and could not get them on as the book and whatever was in her hair was blocking the process. Immediate call to contact lenses… upon further sighted investigation Raspootin to her horror realized that the book was stuck to her head with a large wad of gum; nestled conveniently at the root of her hair directly above her left ear. After much pulling, the book came away and the cover of the book was still firmly in place against her ear.

4 am – not so much a favorite time on Raspootin’s list – in fact Raspootin pretty much looked like the lead singer of The Talking Heads, kind of gyrating around wondering what to do. Finally the decision was made to make a drastic cut.

Typical that one of the biggest Gallery nights of the season is Saturday night and now poor Raspootin has a large bald spot. Could have been worse and she could have fell asleep face forward on the book.

The strange thing about the incident is that Raspootin never chewed gum before she went to bed. Raspootin was unaware that there was even any gum in the house; with the exception of nicorette which turns to stone the moment it is removed from ones mouth.

Just another mystery of how the gum could have possibly got on the back of the book ; how Raspootin could have failed to note it was there, and of all the bad luck – roll on the book in her sleep and get it stuck in her hair.

BW – I swear it is catching…


bwcubed said...

ah yes, beware the black cloud that upon my head does rest. i am hoping there is a good reason that will one day be explained to me why. i think i will sleep naked under the next full moon and try to reverse the negative energy that has been bestowed upon thineself.

Raspootin said...

Let me know if that works! My black cloud (not to jinx myself) is not as big or bad as yours - but I am more than willing to try anything to achieve inner well being.