Monday, October 19, 2009

1948 cartoon...

Keep in mind that Harding College is a Church of Christ School; so religious reference aside - given who produced it- still makes the cartoon very cutting edge for 1948 - and is eerily relevant to what is going on today...


Fire Rabbit said...

I disagree with this on so many levels it's mind boggling.

First, it's nothing more than anti-communist propaganda. Capitalism and Communism can't be compared because they are not in the same "type". Capitalism is an economic system and Communism is a form of government. All the Communist governments that have ever existed had a certain level of Capitalism imbedded into it. Any society that has money will have people who acrue money and use it to invest in some for or another. The biggest difference between to two, as far as my limited education allows me to recognize, is that in Communist societies the Labor Unions are public and the state regulates the "sale price" of commodities and most goods. They can't however price priceless works of art and the such, so they don't have absolute power even in pricing. Our "Capitalist" government even has a form of price control with antitrust, minimum wage and monopoly laws, and let us not forget massive corn and oil subsidies.

With all religion references aside, the cartoon twists my nipples by associating Capitalism with, "because he was free to dream and tinker, joe had a chance to make somethin' of himself". The second our Constitutional Federal Republic was born freedoms were taken away from us. That's what governments are for. The only "free" society is an Archaistic one, and unless everyone suddenly became Gondi, no one but those with the biggest guns would want to live in such a place. However, since our government has the biggest guns, perhaps that's where it really wants to go.

The U.S. isn't a completely private enterprise government. We still have public museums, primary education, parks, broadcast rights, roads, and "national defence" (MIC) All the public housing and grants are window dressing to hide the financial inequities that a system that puts the profits of international corporations before the public creates. A public that bails out investment banks and absorbs the massive negative externalitites caused by many corperations. I even think the way our welfare system is set up is designed to keep the "freedom market" humming. The WAY funds, which are a pittens compared to our GDP, are given to those in need, creates a sense of entitlement to those who receive such funds. These "forced actors" are the greatest motivator for the middle class to worship the rich and blame the poor.

Freedom of Speech / Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Movement, Freedom from Assault, Equal rights and democracy are beautiful things... I would be excited about B Obama if he were fighting to bring us a basic form of Public Health. We have public Fire and Police and no one complains about them. Since everyone has health, but not everyone one has property that needs protected, it seems like it should have equal priority.

I think i'm going through blog withdrawal... my apologies. Thank you for the freedom to express my opinion without the fear of you taking it personally.

Raspootin said...

My understanding of the Blog world is that a successful post is one that gets people thinking and talking.

I am personally not saying I agree with this cartoon - but that it is interesting that is applies to concerns in our country Today - yet was done 60 years ago.

There is an element out there that certainly believes that Obama is going to Socialize us - and it goes with out saying that the Patriot Act disenfranchised quite a few of our basic civil liberties.

I will read through your comments more thoroughly when i am on a computer where the resolution is where I can see at ease. Right now the MAC is stuck in tiny tiny land - and I can not see very well... ISM

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