Thursday, March 22, 2007

And then the walls came tumbling down...

A rather unfortunate thing happened in my office today. My boss and his brother were for whatever reason touring the storage attic when my boss’s brother, who happens to be our insurance agent, fell partially through the ceiling.

This was like getting a free stress test from the cardiologist for me, my boss and his brother. Luckily, no one was hurt.

I thought about taking a picture when he was stuck up there, but did not think it would be appropriate or do my career much good.

When is stopped being scary I must say it was rather amusing in a sick sort of way. Kind of like when you see a person who keeps leaning back in their chair and they finally tilt it just enough to where they fall.

Rat droppings fell out

along with insulation, tiles and of course his leg. Luckily for him and for me the leg was still attached to his body.


wishin said...

Hope a rat doesn't fall out on you. Now that would be funny :P

Raspootin said...

Not to be selfish, but I would much rather his leg than a rat...

Palm Springs Savant said...

funny story. I too like to find amusement in life's everyday events. I blog about BS at work all the time. We were evacuated at work this past Thursdsay-which was interesting. As I ran out of the building, I went back into to get my camera.I knew it would provide material for the blog that night!

ah we insane bloggers!

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