Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yeah I had my camera to shoot the excitment!

On Sunday I was standing outside my gallery and saw 4 or 5 police cars circling the neighborhood. It was odd as they all had their lights on and no sirens sounding. It was weird, but obvious that they were looking for someone.

I looked at my friend and opened my mouth to say”…..” and he stopped me and said No Raspootin – they are not going to your house. This was a result of every time a fire engine goes by and head towards my house I say “ god I hope I turned the stove off, I would feel terrible if I burned down the block by accident.”

I left the gallery about 15 minute’s later and headed home (about 5 minutes away) and low and behold my street was blocked off and all of the cop cars were in front of my house! Who says I am neurotic paranoid?

An armed robbery happened about 20 minutes earlier just around the corner. The police apprehended the guy in front of my house. Evidently the paid neighborhood association security person (a woman who was around 5’ and weighed hmm maybe 105) did not have a dispatch radio or cell phone in her security truck and had to pull over and ask my neighbors to call 911.

At least the cops were on the ball and got the guy quickly. Of course district 2 police station is 3 blocks away from my house. Who figures that the robber would pick a neighborhood that close to the police station with about 10 people out in their yards to witness what he was doing?

Crime does not pay… unless you are smart.

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wishin said...

well at least they were out there in a hurry. That security person sounds like me. What the hell would I do if someone actually attached me? I would break in half....