Friday, February 23, 2007

Psycho sadistic??

I have been going through some severe psychological thoughts and let me tell you I did not suffer this well when I decided to get into bed this evening:

In my mood I chased it all through my bedcovers then smushed it with no mercey between my hands. That is rather gross in of its self. Then I checked everywhere else in my room, because 1 means 1000. - more anxious than ever.

Is it wrong to be able to do this with no thought? I would have killed 1000 with my bare hands if thats what it took... take that back if a 1000 cock roaches were in my bed I would simply died of a stroke or heart attack.

Then I saw this on my curtin:

I did not have my camera at attention before it ran to where ever it came from. I would never execute a lizzard as they are who keep the house safe from other pests. I must say after going through a bad emotional evening - bugs in the bed/curtin by the bed are the last thing I needed.

If anything bigger shows up in my bedroom I am going to go insane. Well at least move over to my gallery which would be less insane than staying in my bedroom

good night to all , and do not let bed bugs bite?

Psycho Sadistic is whoever is of high authority that will not let me be at peace even in my bed. I must change the sheet and look one more time all around or I will never sleep tonight.

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wishin said...

ewww.. I would have had to find another room to sleep in.