Sunday, February 04, 2007

bear treats

A good game in the rain, I guess Grossman was wishing for snow.
In New Orelans we were routing for a Manning win.

Anyone that might support The Washington Redskins might remember that their team did not make the final four – The New Orleans Saints did; with a son of New Orleans winning the Super Bowl.

– Payton is true brew New Orleans with Dad supporting him all the way, and it was almost as good as Saints win.

What is even better is that the dissenters were wrong, GRRRRRRRRR to Bears – maybe if we are scared of camping: we should not be so “campy” in our posts.

GEAUX Colts and I WILLINGLY am ready to take gentlemen bets on for next year.

The Saints: Super Bowl Bound: Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Woozie said...

Oh, it hurts soooo's like being shot, but instead of bullets it's a semi loaded with explosives....and rather than dying you live to see your intestines splattered across the ground and your face...

Raspootin said...

How descriptive for relatively early in the morning!

I can tell that this is without a doubt the worst thing that has ever happened to you...

Anonymous said...
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