Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a fungus among us

How do you apologize when you know for a fact that you are the one who spread the germs?

For the past 5 days I have displayed every disgusting, nauseating symptom of what started as a simple smoker cough and developed into the toilet worshiping head throbbing torture of a person who might wish for death over one minute more.

I have been out of circulation so I am not sure where I contracted the new virus that is attacking the city along with black mold and tornados, but if I could find the person who gave it to me; I would certainly shake their hand and say “back at ya”.

I stayed away from my accounting j0b – though they probably thought it was all psychosomatic; so that I did not infect anyone. I was not as kind at my gallery where I managed through airborne germ warfare to give it to one of my artists.

I feel a bit better now, but do feel the guilt of passing on one of the most colorful viruses that I have had the displeasure of contracting in the past 10 years.

Michael Jackson may seem odd, but I bet he significantly reduces his risks of being contaminated or contaminating through said oddness.

To my artist, I am very sorry and if you need anything please ask. To my co- workers, I am psychotic at times, but I never miss work unless it is necessary and I of course only have YOUR well being in mind when I do.

If I am not in after Mardi Gras Day Celebrations, please assume it is because I have caught not only beads, but another deadly germ and feel the altruistic need to spare you.


wishin said...

Any sickness the day after Mardi Gras is called a hangover, not germs. I don't think you are psychotic or no more psychotic then the rest of us.

Raspootin said...

Usually by around 3:00pm Mardi Gras day is done, so I don't think I would ever admit to a hangover. Even over 40's can snap back in 18 hours to get to work on time.

ps - I dont think I will feel like drinking any time soon.