Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This gets my “yuck” vote for the week. The above pictured man shaved off his body hair and had his “grandfather” enroll him in school as a Seventh Grader.

Above pictured actually is a 29 year old sex offender who was living in a trailer with his “grandfather” and ‘uncle” who are both sex offenders and a 43 year old man who because he does not have a prior record is not yet considered a sex offender.

Apparently uncle and gramps bought into the story that the 29 year old was actually 12 which is why they were allowing him to live with his 43 year old roommate in their trailer, encouraging the 29 year old to go and entice his young school mates back to the trailer.

School officials sort of caught on after a while when they realized that the German Birth Certificate presented by the 29 year old was in lbs not kilograms. They thought he might be 15... The catch was only made after the school nurse who was giving a routine temp read got makeup on her hands after touching his face and made note of "stubble". Why he let her read his tempeture and touch is face is a whole other cause to pause - so I will just move on.

Beyond the obvious disgusting of this whole story is the knowledge that people are STUPID and they are out there preying on children. Not to say that it would be better to have SMART people preying on children, but unfortunately there are a lot of them out there too, and they simply do not get caught.


heepke said...

I didn't know you had a yuck vote.

Raspootin said...

and your point about yuck votes would be?

heepke said...

Just that I was unaware that you had a weekly one.

Raspootin said...

Actually I pretty much have a daily one, i just to don't blog about it.