Friday, February 02, 2007

Super bowel Nasty

I must say, I asked a friend to p/up the items that would constitute 7 layer dip. He gave me a bill for $40.00 and said I am “not sure about that guacamole”.

$40.00 seemed really a bit much given the enormous thing of chips from Sam’s was just $5.00.

I took a look at the questionable guac- and realized that he had paid $15.00 for it. ($8:00 and one $7.00) I think I will by my own avocado and do my own version –

Of course I had to check out the guacamole –and yes it is very yummy with 8000 calories per teaspoon – so I have decided to suck up the cost and serve it as my super bowl trophy dish.

I shall tell my thin friends that it is all good – because that would not be lying.

As I have to evidently get this football thing out of my system, I will post pics of the dip and of the people/victims of wonderful yummy calories that are eating it.

ps - I posted the chips and dips before the saints and philly played and the saints took it: as an omen I hope this works for the colts


wishin said...

Glad to see your 7 layer dip went so well. Did you ever find the 7th layer???

Raspootin said...

s cream
black olives

uh I guess that is only 6 I think shredded lettuce would make 7 but I thought it might get wilted so I did not put it on.