Thursday, February 08, 2007

No conspiracy this time...

Anna Nichole Smith: A train wreck waiting to happen?

I have spent quite a bit of time on this blog speculating about the death of her son. I will not do the same conspiracy thing with her. No matter what the autopsy reports show: death by Trim Spa, death by accidental OD (on trim spa) or something more natural like a heart attack or viral meningitis the whole story is quite the American tragedy.

I had a panic attack on the way home this evening, so severe that I had to pull over and ask a friend to come and drive me home. I think that my overactive hypochondriac imagination got the best of me when they said on the news that the only thing that they could think of with regard to Anna’s death was that she was experiencing flu like symptoms before she died.

3 weeks ago a good friend of my parents who was only 54 displayed flu like symptoms. She told her husband that she did not feel up to going to the airport to pick up her mother; so she would stay home and get the house ready for the visit. When her husband and mother came home she was passed out on the kitchen floor and died 5 hours later. Viral meningitis was the cause of death.

I will end my post on that note as I do not want to trigger any further panic attacks!

Many thanks to my friend who drove me home this evening. I would do the same for you!


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