Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random pics of Mardi Gras day

one of my most telling pictures...

a bit bleak at the end, but look at more pictures

lots of cups

Rex passed

we were all looking for cups

They wanted a picture

The bar staff and owners legs look pretty good!

The owner and bartenders at the Mayfair

what a lovely picture - the guy insisted

a friend dressed as ms demeanor - a cop came across the street to have his pic taken

a bear down

a telletubby down


wishin said...

How come there is no pic of you????

Raspootin said...

Please feel free to put up a picture of yourself at anytime!

wishin said...

haha You're sooo funny

Woozie said...

I like the teletubby. I remember a while ago we got my 28 year old brother a teletubby as a gag birthday gift, and he was so upset that he threw the thing in the street and ran over it with his car a number of times until we brought his real present out (we had been giving him a lot of hints that we got him something good.)

At first I was wondering why so much hate for the bear, but then I remebmered...

Raspootin said...

I kind of got the "captions" mixed, but I was sort of wondering about the bear and the teletubby.

This after all was Mardi Gras - why would someone burn it>

Well maybe you gave me the answer, a Mardi Gras Present gone wrong?