Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bump in the night?

Ok on with the ghost stories which I am told make a nice change to the gross stories.

After living with Kate and Lisa for 3 years I had enough of the hot little back bedroom and decided that it was time to move out. A friend of mine and her husband told me about an apartment that was up for rent in their building. By now you have heard my stories enough to know that the “feeling in a house” is an important factor in making the decision to live somewhere, especially if you are forced to sign a lease.

Well this little apartment did not give me a very good feeling, but it was in my price range and next door to my friends so I thought how bad can in it be? If something goes wrong I can always bang on the wall and get their attention. From day one the apartment had odd things going on. The toilet liked to flush itself. The lights liked to turn themselves off and on and the temperature fluctuated at an alarming rate given there was no central air or units controlling it.

My friend Marlene who liked to crash at my place when she had a bit much to drink at Shanahan’s to drive was the first victim of the thing that inhabited the apartment. She typically would sleep on the gold couch in the living room. When I woke up one morning she was sleeping in the bathtub. Yes I know my stories do seem to have a bathroom escape theme – what can I say it is the way it happened. I assumed that she was in the bathtub because she might have felt a bit sick in the night and gone to use the toilet,then passed out.

She said that as she was sleeping on the sofa that something/ someone? Crawled on to it with her and tried to become “familiar”. I thought well I can certainly think of worse things happening. However she described this thing as being like a zombie ghost monster thing – and I guess that I certainly can not imagine much worse than that happening. As we discussed the situation I thought that it might have been my friend’s husband given that they had a key to the apartment. (I hope he never reads this blog as that is not a very flattering comment) but I really could not think of what else it could be.

The next time Marlene stayed at my house I woke up in the morning and she was no where to be found. I thought perhaps she had left, but her car was parked out in the street still. I got dressed and went outside and there she was sound asleep mouth wide open snoring. I banged on the window and asked her what she was doing/ besides sleeping in her car all night with the door unlocked. She said that the “thing” had tried to follow her into the bathroom this time and as she was still too intoxicated to drive she had to go sleep in her car to get away from it.

I never saw the “thing” in the apartment. However I was in my bed room one night when the toilet and the lights and the temperature did their thing all at the same time; all of a sudden it was pitch black the toilet is flushing like mad and the room went from a balmy 75-80 degrees down to what felt like 40 or 30 degrees. There was a little tiny door in the bedroom across from the bed that led into a small storage area. I always kept the door closed because it reminded me of where goblins would live from a kids’ book that I used to read. The door was around 3 foot by 1 foot. As I sat up in bed and tried not to look at it, it opened.

I jumped out of bed I was really freaked out. Definitely stuff that nightmares are made of and started banging on the wall for my neighbors. When they came over about 2 minutes later the lights mysteriously worked and the temperature had risen.

I broke my lease and moved out 3 days later. I ended up getting an apartment with my friend Marlene and the weird stuff continued to happen…


wishin said...

You have some freaky stuff happening around you. Stay away from me.

Raspootin said...

Fine -

That is not very nice and could potentially hurt my feelings. :)

This was a long time ago. Wait until I tell you about the more recent "stuff"

wishin said...

It might not be nice but I don't want those things following me home b/c you brought them around. It could hurt your feelings but I'm sure it didn't. You must tell me the more recent stuff on Monday.