Sunday, December 10, 2006

The horror of reality

This is a horror story, but not one based on supernatural experience. Last night, in my district #2, we had a vote on who should be our congressional leader. By an OVERWHELMING majority Bill Jefferson was re-elected. Slick Bill is the former high-ranking democratic leader that Nancy Pelosi kicked off the Ways and Means Committee because he accepted bribes of which $90K in marked bills were found in his freezer.

I am sick to death of the people that do not live here, but some how still have a right to vote. They are screwing the progress of the rebuild through ever lasting ignorance. Yes Bill Jefferson will be indicted and maybe someone better than Karen Carter will run against him. That was: is not a reason to have voted for Jefferson. This type of vote makes bonafide the image of New Orleans as corrupt and the residents Stupid.

Talking about stupid, I would like to discuss recent conversations with friends that 5 years ago supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq. I do not use the word invasion lightly, because that is exactly what the US arrogance was all about. We did nothing about Bin Laden but went after a more tactic target that actually had nothing to do with the strike on NY. We have created a mess that is luckily in death toll less than Vietnam, but in my mind higher than is acceptable. Why do history buffs keep pontificating about remembering the Holocaust when we can not even remember the war that took out thousands of soldiers 40 years ago and was never resolved?

Is it possible that we are breeding stupid and more stupid people in the United States? Perhaps the support for “stay the course” is all about the soldiers that lost their lives fighting a war mandated by the commander and chief. We would not want to say they died in vain for a cause that they were by obligation and commitment to Mr. Bush to fight. I do not think the people, soldiers that lost their lives did it in vain, but hopefully as a technological society we can record their brave, imposed and indoctrinated effort to complete a mission but not let future persons fight the fight that can not be resolved.

In conclusion, I can not see how GW Bush, Karl Rove or Bill Jefferson can sleep at night. As much as I understand there might not be a hell or heaven or even god looking out for them, I hope for their sakes this is true. Death is an easier punishment; if it is not true their souls are damned for surely there is not a god out there who would find their actions acceptable.

We are damned here in New Orleans until those of us that support the tax basis can get a good candidate elected to represent us as Mayor, Council Person or yes Most importantly, Congress person. Our world is so profoundly F’d- up that I despair for those of my friends that want to bring children into it.

Tomorrow I will do a less realistic horror story, but doubt it will chill you more than the fact of what is happening NOW.


wishin said...

I forgot to vote Saturday. Oops

Raspootin said...

I can not believe that I am saying this, but it probably would not have made a difference even if you had voted.

bwcubed said...

Politicians can sleep at night cause that is when the aliens trasnport their "life form" back to the mother ship for more programming. Surely you dont thinks these guys are for real.

Raspootin said...

I am really very naive bwcubed

I guess I should start being more realistic:)