Sunday, December 31, 2006

pity party 12/31/06

New Year’s Eve is without doubt the worst holiday bar none. I used to think that Valentines day might be a close second, but now that I am older and work with married women the one upping of who gets the most and biggest bunch of roses is no longer an issue.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that one is expected to attend parties, be jolly and then embrace sweaty strangers who have drunk way too much. I do not feel jolly and I certainly do not feel like effecting said merriment for the sake of others.

That being said, there is something rather depressing about just ignoring the whole event by retiring alone to bed at 10:00. I just talked to a friend of mine who informed me that she was really sorry that I was all alone on New Year’s Eve. NOT perhaps the most tactful approach in giving an unsolicited opinion.

What to do? Pretend that I am sick in order to avoid going out or go out and receive pity parties from those who feel that their lack of singleness gives them a one- up on me - sort of like the girl who I worked with when I was 22 that always received a dozen long stem red roses each Valentine’s Day. The roses did not make her better, smarter or prettier, but she sure thought they did.

My Birthday is on New Years Day which I am certain has a lot to do with my general apathy about New Year’s Eve. I do not want to appear un-festive so I shall go out early and wish happy New Year to everyone. When the time is appropriate I will slip out of the party and hope that no one notices my absence. This is a good solution to waking up with a hang-over on my birthday. Of course ever since I have been of drinking age even if I do not have a hang over most of my friends do which then makes my birthday celebration not much fun.

Ok enough of my pre birthday pity party - I am going to embrace the whole year older thing along with the single thing with dignity and work on doing better for New Year’s Eve 2007.


cathrina said... whats the final plan for valentines?

Woozie said...

Well, um, happy birthday. Sorry everyone's hung over on it. Have a party next week!

Raspootin said...

No plan for Valentines day - I simply treat it as another commercial holiday.

New Years Eve was actually quite a good time. Went out, came home early and was productive around my house.

wishin said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Don't worry, my New Year's Eve was not much fun either. I was home by 11pm and as sober as could be. Someone had to drive and since I don't drink and drive I guess it was me.

bwcu said...

when i was young (much younger) going to as many parties and bars as possible seemed like the thing to do. Amazing I survived those years. Now I find the walls of my Castle offer much more comfort and tranquility.