Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"DUMB" has two meanings

A friend sent to this link to me via email:


My response to my friend:


Now I could say a lot about that, but you might then take me for a leftist liberal snob

His response to me:

At least they are living within their means, and have no pretentions about the glamour and glitz of a fancy smanchy whoop-a-la. They probably will stay married longer than most. Besides, I would much rather a nice fresh hot waffle over wedding cake any day.

My point in sharing this is that

A. Eweweee I am a snob evidently. I would rather never marry than marry in a waffle house.
B. I would kill myself before marrying anyone in that marriage party
C. I wonder why when I say what other people might be thinking I am labeled a snob.
D. I really want to know what the meaning of politically correct is.

I will admit that I can not “wrap” my mind around why Republicans are not really upset about Sarah Palin’s nomination as VP. They spouted all sorts of rhetoric about Obama’s lack of experience yet they are willing to embrace a woman as second in command that has nada none no actual Washington experience and the experience that she does have is based on being a Mayor for a city populated by a mere 7000 people and being a governor (less than 2 years) for a state that has a population that is less populated than an ant hill. It just does not make sense to me.

The group jumping up and down celebrating her nomination is the same group of folks who believe in that “family values” thang that they love to shove down the throats of us who have ”no family values”. So what do they think about a woman who has a challenged infant that she just gave birth to in April abandoning said infant to hold McCain’s hand while he campaigns? They think it is just GREAT! I don’t get it. Hypocrisy seems to be the only stable in said philosophy. The Fundamental Christians should be outraged that Sarah’s 17 year old daughter is not wed and pregnant. They would have crucified Hillary if Chelsea was 17, pregnant and not married. I go as far as to say they might have even called her a bad mother.

In conclusion I think I might, just might be having a bad hair day, but is sucks not to be able to tell people what I think without being labeled when clearly there is a label stuck dead center on the foreheads of supporters of Palin who are probably the same folks that get married at a Waffle House. So what does that label glued to their foreheads say?

It says:”_______________________ “

Vote for who you will, but don’t vote for McCain because Sarah Palin is a woman. The Republican Party tried to pull a fast one on women with Dan Quayle and won – it is insulting that they are trying and succeeding in doing the same with Palin.


yellowdog granny said...

why is it ok for them fuckers to trash hillary and it's not ok to say anything about that ferret faced cunt?....huh? huh?..HUH???
i'd rather have my eyes stabbed out with a number 2 pencil than either marry any of those people or spend any time with them...feck!
must make me a snob too..thank the goddess for that bit of news..

billy pilgrim said...

i think the republicans are engaging in a little misdirection and it seems to be working.

bwcubed said...

This is "friend" adding to initial reply. I do not think I would be attracted to any one in that wedding party either. I dont think I would get married in a Waffle house either. I did get married in my moms living roon the first go round by a justice of the peace. Had Chinese food for the reception and danced in the backyard under the big oak. My point is that there are different strokes for different folks.I dont think there is more love in a 25K wedding at the Carlton Ritz with a 23 pece swing band and caviar on the table then there is at this Waffle wonder wedding.Good thing love is blind.

Raspootin said...

YDgrand: yes "thank goddess" indeed :)

BP I agree with you, that is what is bothering me.

BWcubed: When I did it I got married in the criminal court building by a judge. ( a wedding present from a friend who worked with Morial) Then had a reception at my gallery. I would call that pretty low keyed for a snob :)

The Rev said...

Eh, weddings are pretty much shitty all the way around to me anyway. Call me a sentimental sap, but what matters is what takes place in the heart--everything else is just a charade. That's why I wouldn't give a shit having a Vegas Elvis perform my wedding--as long as there's something there for the person I'm being wed to.

That rubbish aside, I don't think I'll go through that BS anytime soon. Frankly, as horrible as it will say, I hate going to weddings. I was dressed up to go to one once and stopped at a gas station to get cigarettes. The attendant remarked how nice I looked, asked where I was going, and upon hearing weddings smiled and gushed about how much she LOOOOOVED weddings.

I naturally said I preferred funerals and chainsmoked about five back to back on the way.

However, it's worth noting that I wouldn't hang around any of those assholes either, but then again, I'm practically an agoraphobe, so what's the shock there?

As for Palin, the double standard is highly amusing and pathetic at the same time on both sides, but that's typical partisan bullshit for ya. I've heard devout Obama followers blasting Palin's lack of experience, and have heard McCain groupies pumping for Palin while bitching about Obama not having enough of a record.

I pretty much think it's a country of simpletons, thus why there was that whole gas panic situation here this weekend where all the lemmings playing monkey see, monkey do panicked about a possible gas shortage and created one on their own by draining the stations here dry.

Kinda like David Lynch said once when frustrated with someone on the set of his movie "Inland Empire": "Einstein must've had it rough...Fuckin' morons everywhere!"

Raspootin said...

Brilliant Einstein quote REV!

Shit Im gonna vote for Nader if he is on my ballot, if he won well now that might shake things up for a bit.

Im disgusted with the whole process.

PS I really dislike weddings. Cant say that I dislike them more than funerals, because well typically the food and booze at weddings are better. Also at weddings all you have to do is say Congrats!!! I am never sure WHAT to say at funerals.