Monday, September 22, 2008

The village idiot

Ring Ring “Hello Carabaux”

Ah this is Jessica *** silence***

Yes ?

**** silence***


Ah this is Jessica

Yes, what can I do for you

Im with Wal-Mart **** silence***

Would you like to place an order

Ah who did I call




Ah want to get some stuff

OK I need a Purchase Order

A huh?

A Purchase order

Where do I git that?

I don’t know perhaps from your requisition department

Whats that?

That is where you get your PO number

***Silence *** Huh? Oh I know 78952

No that is your zip code I need a PO

Whats a PO

A Purchase Order

Huh – hold on in the back ground I can her saying “Whats our zip code”

Ah 78952

NO that is your zip code I need a purchase order #

Huh whats that? Were can I find it?

I wish Monthy Python's "idiot" video could be the enlightening explanation for "idiots". I wonder how people get through their day sometimes; Idiots and the people that have to interact with them. No Im not picking on Wal-Mart, it just so happened that this woman was one of their employees.


Woozie said...


yellowdog granny said...

really scary...and they vote too

Raspootin said...

woozie what;s it Huh? so and about Tim L and John L are you going to give me a hint?

Ydgrand - lets hope they get bad weather and just don't.

Yd - are you feeling better in the physical?

Im not (in the not physical) I picked against your boys and am failing in a mountain of self stupid pity- 9 wk1 7 wk2 and waiting on the Sandiego/ jets game, making another 7 if the jets crap out = gawd goddess let me consult next week with you!

Anonymous said...

"We have quite a number of idiots banking here."

"What kind of money is there idioting"

"Well now adays the really blithering idiot can make up to 10K# a year"


so relevant to current events

Raspootin said...

an astute observation.

yellowdog granny said...

taking one more day off..hope to be back to my regular assholeness by friday.

Raspootin said...


You must have gotten what my dad calls the creepy crawly crude