Saturday, June 06, 2009

HIV awareness march UK - London


This is my best friend for well since I was 5 years old. She is walking (as I am typing for a wonderful cause) I am going to leave this up as I would love to have some of you Sponsor her effort for the fight on HIV.

It is very easy and I know from years of being a board member and advocate she and her causes are ultimate. Just because I did this today does not mean your effort goes to naught - just do it and "it" will make you feel better. If nothing else check out Kinkysex a fab band that her company is rep' in.


A missive from my dear friend Melissa Holston:


Just a quick note to reassure all of you that despite threatening weather predictions I will be sallying forth on Sunday as planned. Those of you who have already sponsored me rest assured I intend to do you proud,
To those who have yet to pledge my original grovel stretches before you in all it's abject toadying pleading...

Yes I'm afraid it's that time of year again - it's my abject grovel for sponsorship as I prepare to sally forth once more, this year on 7TH JUNE, to raise money to combat the scourge of prejudice, injustice and HIV.
Please be the absolute angels I know you are and sponsor me...
With the date for this year's walk fast approaching, I thought it high time to cast aside all shame at importuning and get right down to positively grovelling for sponsorship- in the fond hope that some of you lovely people might take pity on my school days flashback nightmare and sponsor me.
For this year's special feature: I'm inviting my friends to join me as well!
A Severe muscle strain this year has meant that high heels and a quick time are probably out of the question so I invite any of my chums who fancies a trot round London for charity to join me!
Last year I hit upon a scheme to record a podcast impression of the day, but found I actually can't stand the sound of my own voice - no, I know, I couldn't believe it either but I may well try again so I should also be carrying a digital voice recorder so feel free to share any stories or impressions.

Those who have known me longest will certainly also boggle at the idea of me walking 10k and in light of the embarrassing recent sunstroke incident armed with an umbrella against rain or sun alike and usually on heels -though sadly this year due to residual injury I fear that we may have to forgo the heels but surely the image alone is worth a tiny pledge.

It's relatively painless to sponsor me through the Walk web-page by clicking this link – it’s possibly the quickest and most cost-effective way for Crusaid to receive your donation. And if you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid means that an extra 28% in tax will be added to your donation at no cost to you. Alternatively see me with cash/cheque in person and I'll enthusiastically add it to the total.
Last year we raised a massive total of £211 including gift aid and my heart swells with pride and gratitude. I am humbled by your generosity and your faith in me, particularly as I know some of you who contributed so generously did not receive your thank you notes of which more below. I know this year has been hard on everybody's pockets so any thing you feel able to proffer will be mentally clasped to my bosom with cries of joy!

Crusaid remains a cause very close to my heart: a UK charity dedicated to helping poor and marginalised people affected by HIV and AIDS. Your support will help Crusaid to continue its vital work.

I have seen tremendous advances in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Crusaid has been a huge part of that and always with a spirit of hope and celebration.
There's still have so much to do.
So Please be a blessed angel and sponsor me - whatever honorarium suits your pocket will be superb.
I prostrate myself at your fluffiest slippered feet.
Thank you for your support.

So please sponsor me now!
have I said that already?

A final serious note!
It has come to my notice that some of those who sponsored me last year did not receive their thank you and consequently felt ignored, slighted and more than a little miffed
Therefore this year just as I prepare this missive personally rather than rely on the site standard message I assure you I will make sure that I contact all of you and make sure you know the high esteem in which you're held - that you're a gorgeous, incredibly generous, sensitive and charismatic individual and i shall be indebted to you to the end of your days or the next time you need the favour reciprocated.

and kinky's ex
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Tyger's HeArt Records
Passion and Compassion in Music
Tyger's HeArts Multimedia
proud to support AND


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