Wednesday, June 10, 2009

With a little stroke from my friends

This post is all the fault of BW.
He sent me this:

How could we have missed it? March 15 was Penis Day in Japan. Here are the photos. The actual festival is called Honen Matsuri. Celebrated every March 15 in Komaki, a town about 45 minutes north of Nagoya , Japan , this is the time of year where folks haul out a large wooden penis to give three cheers to fertility and renewal. The custom is an old one that is connected to bringing about a good harvest and having babies.

Penis Friendly

Penis in a blanket

Pet my penis?

I then had no; was compelled to go look for all things Penis...

The penis the boy drew on Top of his house(without mom and dad's knowlege) so that Google Earth would get a giggle. His parents evidently did not think it was that funny

The chalk penis on a hillside in The UK

The Cerne Abbas figure has conventionally been viewed as a great symbol of ancient spirituality. A mound below the giant’s left hand may be the sculpted remnant of a severed head which he once clutched – a rather grisly if common ancient Celtic religious symbol.

Yes I even found out about fine penis dining

and then the
Pièce de résistance

This little gem made me finally understand what men like about woman with big booties; yup it reminds them of their little buddies resting under their best pal; Penis.
I never thought I would say this, but I think despite my obvious penis envy, i am all penised out :)


billy pilgrim said...

i'm speechless.

a rare occasion.

Raspootin said...

Hehe I must admitt to surprising myself with some of the things that I post...

bwcubed said...

man's two best freinds, his dog and well.... his dog.
ha ha

Raspootin said...

yes well... 'nuf said there


and the lovely 'dish'..
spotted dick...