Thursday, April 22, 2010

an odd post I guess

Before you do Raspootin the courtesy of listening and reading - Raspootin wants to acknowledge that Raspootin shall certainly go into the fiery pit as described by Kurt for even posting these songs and feelings... and if a corpse can roll over in their grave; my Mom - who Raspootin loves dearly is doing so now.

Raspootin's mom believed in God and it was no doubt a great disapointment that yours truely had doubts... So if she is up there may she look at this kindly and understand Raspootin's odd sense of ablity...

Raspootin does not like to talk about this: but Raspootin’s Mother died in March. Raspootin has not quite come to terms with her death. And it's really odd that these 3 songs sum up Raspootin’s feeling about death.

Seeing a person that was once alive then dead in a coffin is not a way to say goodbye. Raspootin wanted to feel that Mom was out there – some sort of connection; and there was nothing at the time of viewing and there has been nothing since.

As anyone who has followed Saturday Knights knows; Raspootin fancies as an in touch outer spiritual individual and is deeply shocked and saddened that there is just nothing but: She is dead.

Faith is a good thing for most - but reality is better.

This song is the beginning of what Raspootin thinks when thinking of death & God in general -

This is then what Raspootin wondered - Can this happen to bad people who don't believe ??? Maybe I'll see Mom on the 4th of July - cause she was good - Explains why there has been no contact/ or not / can one pretend to believe and escape the pit of hell ??? Is Kurt in the pit of hell - just saying what Raspooin was thinking.

This is what Raspootin has come to embrace… though it is not to be any reflection on Raspootin's Mom - the video is not what raspootin was talking about as much as the lyrics... oh my that tangled web we do weave when we practice to deviate from God - Dear God.


bwcubed said...

deep subject that probably will never be figured out. It took a while but I have two vivid "dreams" that my deceased son was in. Both gave me some comfort. Now if they were "real" or not I do not know. But for the moment I will enjoy the inspiration they gave me and leave it at that.

Raspootin said...

I think that a dream would make me feel somewhat better - faith would make me feel much better - knowing she was some place good... thanks for commenting.