Thursday, April 15, 2010

back, breath and other sorts of pain

So Raspootin has been a real nasty bitchy bitch - but it hurts to have a pulled bit in your back - it really really hurts and to any knowledge that Raspooin has gained - it just has to work it self out; in like a week or two. Not good. Raspootin's friends can not put up with 2 weeks on biatch - and Raspootin does not blame them a bit.

Thank you friend - maybe this will work - and Raspootin will not be so scary; nor airy fairy on pain killers. - just saying it hurts - and the doctor said... whoo hoo be air fairy with a prescription and its OK - not... for Raspootin.

Raspootin is kinda wondering about "salt" in Epsom Salt - does that bloat ??? just wondering as it does go into skin as skin soaks.

Thank you Raspootin's Dad cause Raspootin thought that smelling like a candy cane would make a better mood even if the Espsom Salts did not work. Who could hate a Santa helper smelling Raspootin??? yeah right... Raspootin will end up like Rudolph with a red candy nose... just saying and Bloated cause the Salt and Candy Cane will assimilate into Raspootin's system with a negative ultimate.

This is the very large Tub - turn of the century - sort of like Raspootin - and I must say at 5"4 Raspootin likes this tub. Due to a nasty invasion of the most unmentionable large bug Rapootin had never used the Tub - what a waste of 2 years of wonderful soak. Hello Friend of Raspootin?? you reading this - what you did with the Epsom Salts paled to what you did to get rid of the dragons and their litter in the "soaking turn of the other century process"

Raspootin liked the soak. Rapspootin only had to execute one unmentionable - and then was able to relax in great comfort with zum candle. Thanks to Raspootin's sister for that.

Raspootin does not approve the picture; but was also never going to approve a soak pic either.

Thanks to my friend for the salts - and I am sure to be a better person for them and the soak.
Raspootin is wondering about the Candy Cane bb- bath as Raspootin smells like nic - and Epsom salts ... which is not relaxing but luckily Raspootin is alone and is not offended by Raspootin's smell. Raspootin does acknowledge that purchasing more deodorant - given the current one is gone (2 days only) would also be helpful.

For the pleasure of Raspootin's co workers and clients - off to the shower now.

Second stop after gas - umm like the gas to fill up the car..; is to Rite Aid for water pills and under arm militia - why water pills - Raspootin is certain that the Salt caused water weight gain - and the lack of under arm personal smell hygiene has just made the bloat worse.

Course Raspootin frequently thinks of introspection on Tumors and Halitosis - and Raspootin certainly hopes the last word is spelled correctly given the bad breath meaning that was intended.

Raspootin would not want to mean disgusting - hello you are killing me everytime you are in my space and breathing breath - with umm a word that meant anything less... :)


Raspootin said...

i know it is wrong to comment on your own post - especially if you are the first and only comment;
but good lord look at the size of the Epsom Salts - I must be really nasty to garner a couple of lbs to soak in... just saying that is an enormous two bag process -whoo whoo its christmas in April :)

Robert said...

2 cups in ever bath, ever day until it don't hurt no more. I bought two bags for myself if it makes you feel better.

Potassium, Iron, Calcium are also salts so I don't think that Magnesium sulfate is automatically a bloater. It is in fact a laxative, although only when taken orally, so there's probably a good chance it's not going to cause you to retain water. Very little, if any, crosses into your skin.

Epson salt make the water feel better, keeps you from pruning as fast and increases your flotation making one able to relax more and release the tension in the muscles. When I do a salt bath I make the water as hot as possible and stay in until it starts to get cold. The heat does most of the work on the muscle. I think you should still go get some pro massage.

That's a kickass tub. Put her to good use. ;)

Robert said...

As long as I'm playing a doctor on the telenet, may i reiterate the proper technique to suttonian soaks.

1. prewarm tub - run the water till it's hot and then fill the tub up one inch. Shut off the tap and swish the water around until the tub absorbs the heat and the water is cold.

2. fill the tub - rerun the water until it's hot and then fill to about 2 inchs adding 2 cups of salt. You'll know the water is right if you're laying flat on the bottom and your ears stick out of the water. This will enable you to take the heat longer because your body won't overheat with half of it out of the water.

3. soak - close your eyes and try to relax. exit tub when the water turns luke warm.

I'd use the bubble bath for a "full body immersion"....

Raspootin said...

Thank you for the etiqutte lesson in the art of soak with Epsom :)

Im going to pursue that professional massage

And my back feels much better today - though i don't want to jinx it by saying anything which I just did.

Raspootin said...

at this point ice is sounding good...

Streching helps ...

hmmm did i miss something :)

so what type of gal does that make me robert ???

Just Jess said...

Not only did I tremendously enjoy your post, I (also) learned a great deal about the appropriate use of salt soaks from the comments! Thanks, Raspootin! Thanks, helpful commenters!