Wednesday, May 09, 2007



Cindy hit the New Orleans area as a minor hurricane early in the season ( may ) of 2005.


Katrina hit the New Orleans area in late August 2005


Andrea is, like Cindy the earliest tropical storm to hit since 2005.

Not coming this way, though you can find a computer model that will predict almost anything...

I hope this is not a weather predictor for the Carolinas or Georgia. We thought we were done after Cindy in 2005 and then - history records the rest with Rita and Wilma wrapping it up.


the rube said...

what are the chances of a tornado hitting crawford texas?

Raspootin said...

probably greater than a katrina like hurricane hitting new orleans again.

Woozie said...

You're paranoid. That thing is supposed to just sit off the coast for the next couple of days and die out. It's not even a Tropical Storm!